Posted by Curto on March 21, 2008 at 04:58 PM CST
It's almost time to Execute Order 66 again!

Target's Order 66 2-packs should be hitting the floor the week of 4/13/08....once again at the CHECKLANES, not in the toy department. There is an endcap coming that will be split between Star Wars and Transformers. No word on what TF toys will be yet...

UPDATE! Looks like the Transformers should be a number of Deluxe movie Transformers repaints in Order 66 tube packaging. Basically, Bumblebee, Prowl, etc. with little swatches of blue on them. There might be another item as well but there are a few of these Target exclusive Allspark Power items planned. The blue and the packaging are what makes it special, otherwise they're the same as the toys that came out about a year ago.

In addition, the Battle Rancor (with Felucian Rider and Saddle) from The Force Unleashed should be hitting around that time. The Star Wars endcap with all the current exclusives (Aayla's Starfighter, Attack on Kaskyyyk, Mustafar & Endor Galactic Heroes sets) is running through mid-May.

Special thanks to our Rebel Spies for slicing through the holonet and sending us this information.