Posted by Dustin on April 28, 2007 at 08:35 AM CST
New from mimoco come these super unique Star Wars character based flash drives or, "mimobots".

I recently was able to obtain the new mimobot line from mimoco, and wanted to give everyone a closer look at just how cool these little collectible gadgets really are!

First off I really dig the packaging, the small compact & clear design allows for fans to proudly display the collectible without having to *gasp, open it. Once you do open it (waves hand, *you will open your mimobot), you'll find it comes with a cool little jumpsuit on a keychain for easy transport and to of course keep your mimobot warm and fashionable.

For those who don't know what a mimobot is, it's a designer USB flash drive or portable storage. Only these are fashionably designed to appeal to Star Wars fans!

Series One which recently started shipping and can be ordered at features four character styles and three different size configurations. There's Darth Vader with an edition size of 3,500. Chewbacca with an edition size of 2,500. Stormtrooper with an edition size of 2,500, and R2-D2 sporting a larger edition number like Darth Vader of 3,500.

Each mimobot comes in three different size configurations as well. You can pick up 1gig, 2 gig or 4gig versions of each character. Pricing isn't that bad considering you are getting a cool Star Wars flash drive, that wil not only serve asa cool collectible, but can function in everyday life as well. I spoke with Daniel Ruby recently from mimoco and he gave a perfect real world scenario on how mimobots can help.

"Lately, I tend to hang around, searching for new and useful apps to install on my StormTrooper. So far, the ones I use most are Thunderbird Portable, which allows me to keep all my mail, contacts, etc., stored on my mimobot; Firefox Portable, which does the same for bookmarks and plugins (specifically, I need the RikaiChan plugin for a lot of my usual haunts); and OpenOffice Portable, which gives me MS Office-compatible office goodness wherever I go. I need this stuff because I tend to drift between four computers for work."

So what's all this functional Star Wars goodness gonna set you back?

1 gig - $69.95
2 gig - $99.95
4 gig - $149.95

Add an additional $5 for the hoodie and you're all set.

But wait there's more! I almost forgot that on each mimbot comes preloaded with bonus removable Star Wars mimobot content like trailers, soundbites, avatars, and wallpapers!

What are you waiting for, stop on over to *** today and place your order!

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***NOTE: Star Wars mimobot Series 1 DOES NOT SHIP to countries in EUROPE or JAPAN. If you choose to ship to any of these countries, your order will be cancelled, but you may visit to make your purchase. Very sorry for the inconvenience.
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