Posted by Dustin on November 10, 2008 at 09:37 AM CST

From TFTS:

"Following on from the frankly ludicrous R2D2 Soy Sauce Bottle, the not so quite as ludicrous (and actually quite cool) animated R2D2 USB Hub and the not at all ludicrous (and absolutely stunning) R2D2 Radio Controlled iPod Docking Projection Unit we simply couldn’t pass up on adding to our R2D2 themed collection with this R2D2 Aquarium.

R2D2 Aquarium is, in case you’re wondering, far from a tacky affair - though, we’ll admit, it may well sit comfortably on the fence between the especially incredulous and the vaguely surreal – as what’s on offer is a 1¾ gallon tank, an animated dome which will respond to vocal commands (with beeps) and a radar eye that doubles up as a periscope allowing you to spy on your fish as they feed and go about their re-enactments of famous Star Wars scenes before a suitably illustrated cardboard backdrop. Additionally, you’ll also find LED ambient lighting provided which will cycle through a series of colors (great if your fish are planning a Star Wars themed disco in their tank to liven up their otherwise wholly dull existence).

The R2D2 Aquarium, which measures in at 30” x16″ x 16″, will set you back just shy of $130 though, personally, in not keeping any fish we’ll hold out for the Death Star Kennel as Fido the Wonderdog took to the dark side some considerable time ago."
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