Posted by Adam on November 12, 2013 at 01:42 AM CST
November 2nd saw Steve Sansweet and Rancho Obi-Wan celebrate being recognised by Guiness World Records 2014 for housing the galaxy's largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia and Rebelscum were in attendance on the night.

Waiting for a shuttle is a lot more fun when you're with fellow Star Wars fans and as you might expect, everyone was buzzing with excitement for the evening's events.

After the short trip from downtown Petaluma, the guests were greeted by Darth Vader, handed a personalised envelope and ushered up the stairs towards the museum itself, passing the library and Ephemera room on the way.

We were greeted by Steve and the many volunteers who would not only be helping throughout the evening, but would also be providing hints and, if you were lucky, the answer to the clues for the bounty hunt that went all night.

Along with the welcoming ceremony at 5:01, other scheduled events included two musical serenades performed by Randy Martinez & Denise Vasquez, a performance by the ultra-talented James Arnold Taylor who regaled the audience with a seemingly endless array of voices taken from his stage show "Talking to Myself", a live auction featuring prototypes, numerous works of art, a number of Ralph McQuarrie-related pieces as well as many other things, and then finally cupcakes and the musings of Steve towards the end of the evening.

Throughout the night, aside from the usual practices of trying to see as much of the museum as possible, playing in the arcade and shopping in the general store, guests also had the chance to play in the balloon pop, participate in the silent auction and enter into a raffle. Food and drink were also provided, and there was plenty of opportunity to chat with fellow fans and volunteers.

Among the guests in attendance were a number of VIPs, including Dave Filoni, Cat Taber, Tom Kane and Darren Hayes, all of whom were more than happy to mingle.

At the end of the night, just before boarding the shuttle back to Petaluma, guests were given an Ultimate Swag Bag stuffed to the gills with lots of special goodies, and it seemed rather fitting that we would head for the exit at 11:38!

Check out our photo gallery for pictures taken throughout the course of the evening.

Everyone at Rebelscum would like to congratulate Steve and everybody involved with Rancho-Obi-Wan, and a big thanks to the whole crew that helped make the World Record Night such an amazing event!
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