Posted by D. Martin on December 13, 2017 at 04:00 AM CST
When asking collectors who makes the most incredible Star Wars collectibles these days, the vast majority of collectors will state without hesitation that there is nothing better than a Hot Toys release. Month after month, and year after year, the Hong Kong based company has continued to improve with each offering. If you are looking to put something that can easily be considered museum worthy by anyone's standards under the tree, Hot Toys is the way to go...


If you are shopping for someone that is very excited about The Last Jedi, you need look no further than the MMS428 Executioner Trooper. Not only is this the first figure released in their Movie Masterpiece Series based on The Last Jedi, its a gorgeous stand alone piece that will instantly improve any Star Wars collection. This piece is also great as a total stand alone collectible for the Star Wars fan that has yet to give themselves to the dark side, er, collecting world. For $204, you can say in plastic what few words can express! Click here to get it while you still can!


If the collector on your list is all about the Original Trilogy, there is nothing cooler than the MMS418 Han Solo (Stormtrooper Disguise Version). This limited edition figure could be the first step into a larger world of collecting. It captures the true character of Han Solo, and with a quick head swap it becomes an Imperial Stormtrooper, making it twice as cool! This in stock collectible can make it under the tree before the big day, and is well worth the $243 price tag!


Hands down, our favorite Star Wars collectible currently available is the MMS405 Jyn Erso (Deluxe Version) collectible figure. If you are shopping for someone that enjoys Rogue One as much as we do, this is the best gift you can possibly ever give someone! With the exception of the Imperial Ground Crew uniform she steals on Scarif, this deluxe release includes everything you need to reenact any scene in the feature film. Hot Toys left nothing out when they designed this figure (as you can see in the massive gallery we shot for our photo archive!). With a price tag of $250, this may be the most expensive Hot Toys offering we're recommending, but it is the best that is currently available. Be forewarned, once you see it out of the package, you'll want one for yourself!

Sadly, if your looking to please the Prequel fan on your list, a warm hug and promises for a brighter day is all we can recommend. While the first figure based on George Lucas' last three Star Wars movies has been put up for pre-order, it won't be out for a while. Trust us when we tell you, we can't wait for it and other Prequel figures to join our growing collections of Star Wars Hot Toys collectible figures!

For closer look at their amazing collection, follow this link to our Hot Toys photo archive!
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