Posted by Curto on July 25, 2008 at 03:15 PM CST
First things's the official announcement:

1:15-2:00 Hasbro: Star Wars and Indiana Jones— Derryl DePriest and Justin Kreter (Hasbro marketing), are joined by Brian Parrish, Mark Boudreaux, Dwight Stall, and Brian Wilk (Hasbro design) to talk about what the Hasbro design and marketing teams have in store for the remainder of 2008 in the Star Wars and Indiana Jones lines. Plus a special sneak peek into some 2009 secrets and a Q&A session! Room 7AB

Here we go! We're going fast and furious, and there's going to be a lot of try to keep up!

The Clone Wars
Showing off wave 1...nope, skip that....let's look at wave 2...nope, scratch that....wave 3! The figures are in the new style, but the articulation is collector-focused.

Vehicles use the same models for both TCW and TLC design changes.
They include V-19 Torrent Fighter, Spider Droid, AAT, Jedi Starfighter (NEW version!), and the HUGE AT-TE (with exclusive clone)!!

The Legacy Collection
Something called the may have heard about this one...this ship was designed by Mark Boudreaux, who designed the original Kenner version as his first project when he joined. He has now gone back and added all of the features he always wanted to see.

Mark explains all the great features of this ship...4-seats in the cockpit, moving boarding ramp, lights & sounds, turbolasers, dialogue from all the scenes, smuggling panels, Jedi training area, Dejarik table, medical bay, and escape pod! >Whew!<

There will also be a battle pack with accessories for the ship!

DROID FACTORY is the name of the system where fans can build extra droids!
Waves 1 & 2 are shown.
Wave 3 are repaints, also on display at the booth.
Wave 4 is General Grievous (accurate height!), Stass Allie, Commander Faie, FX-6, Bailm Organa, Breha Organa, wit the silver Death Star Droid.

Comic Packs
New sets include Dark Empire Luke & Emperor, Quinlan Vos & Commander Faie.

All are on display at the booth.
Rebellion Pilots, Padme, Imperial Pilots, Rebel Pilots II,

Battle Packs
Asault on the Shield Generator (Han Solo, Lt. Renz, R2-D2, Nik Sant, and a second Imperial officer...who may be pulled)!
Scramble on Yavin (Red Leader R5-K6, Rebel Ground Crew, Rebel Transport)

Galactic Heroes
Nothing new announced.

Mighty Muggs
Will continue with more OT, PT, and EU (Darth Revan! shirtless Darth Maul!)

Titanium Series
New vehicles ARE coming!

- Droid Factory sets are out now.
- 501st Clone Trooper (Wal-Mart) ..."join the 501st" (not to be confused with the real-life 501st Legion!)
- The Force Unleashed 3-packs are finally coming out!
- A-Wing Fighter...will have retooled cockpit
- Republic Gunship..."the lucky lekku"
- blue Clone Trooper Voice Changer helmet (will include stickers to customize them)

- Commander Fox
- Clone Helmet with torch on the side
- Vader helmet also coming
- Ultimate Battle Packs- Sarlacc (bendable tentacle, hole in the bottom of the pit to swallow the figure)
- There will be another one....not revealing it yet! Hmmm....

Toys "R" Us:
- Holographic General Grievous
- Galactic Heroes Rancor & AT-RT sets
- B-Wing Dagger Squadron vehicle with Pilot Netrem Pollard (the cockpit has been retooled and includes multiple cannons)
- Disturbance at the Lars Homestead (Own, Beru, Sandtrooper, baby Womp Rat, and the house itself)
- ARC-170 Starfighter (repaints)

- Crimson Empire "The Crucible" multipack (Vader, Emperor, and 4 power rangers)

Diamond Comics:
- TIE Fighter (Rogue Squadron)

Entertainment Earth:
- Star Wars Legacy Joker Squadron! Quarren Sith Lord & 5 Stormtroopers (including a FEMTROOPER!)

SDCC 2008:
- Disturbance in the Force set
- Clone Trooper (Senate Security)

Mighty Muggs:
Admiral Ackbar & Shadow Trooper


Magnaguard (Magnaguard Fighter is coming...oops, wasn't supposed to reveal that!)
Clone Space Trooper

Han Solo (Stormtrooper)
Luke (Stormtrooper)
Ben Kenobi (the table shown will not be included )
Space Trooper
Jawa with WED Droid
Brainiac (again, no table included)
Trinto Duaba & Dice Ibegon
BADs R2-N5 & R5-A2

Snow Speeder

Ewoks (Keoulkeech, Machook, & Kettch)
X-Wing Rogue Squadron (Mon Calamari & Quarren)
Lt. "Tank" Sunber & Amanin Warrior (new sculpt!)

JABBA RANCOR!!! with Luke

Showing wave 4 & deluxe & deluxe cargo truck with cloth top
Akator playset
12" figures include Dovchenko, Mutt, and Indy German costume

Mighty Muggs
- Indy German
- Marion Dress
- German Mechanic
- Toht
- Sallah

More to come! >Whew! <

UPDATE: Check out the full presentation for yourself!