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Star Wars: Hasbro Panel Report

The Hasbro panel featured Adam Pagano, Brian Merten, Derryl DePriest, Erik Arna, Jeff Labovitz, and Chris Gollaher. They kicked things off with some interesting news:

- The Vintage Collection has gone two years, with over 100 figures. The line is now on hold. Not going away, just on indefinite hold. They know there are plenty of figures left to do... As long as Darryl DePriest is on the SW line, the Vintage line will not die. An internal Hasbro favorite, they'd very much like to eventually complete the original Kenner Vintage line.

- Bringing back an old favorite: the Droid Factory! Coming Spring 2013 - expect 30 figures or so the first year. Each figure comes with a new droid part. None of the droids have ever been done before.

- New Droid Factory Legacy Collection cardbacks, featuring a droid-shaped card with the droid part showing on the front of the package (as opposed to the little window in the back of the cards we used to get).

- Wave 1 will be: Padme Amidala, R2-D2, and a newly articulated Biker Scout, TIE Pilot (Black 3, Vader's Wingman), an all-new Anakin, Clone Trooper Sargeant, Sandtrooper (new deco), Luminara Unduli with removable habit (and legs!), redeco of the Battle Droid, Geonosian Warrior Sun Fac, a gigantic, fully-articulated Pablo-Jill, and a super-articulated 212th Clone Trooper.

- Droid parts in this wave will build TC-70 and FA-4.

- Wave Two rundown (nothing to actually show yet): Mace Windu, Captain Rex, Luke (Ceremony - now updated for improved film accuracy), Mara Jade (Jedi), Bespin-Trap Vader (interchangeable hands), A-Wing pilot, Biggs Darklighter (new head-sculpt), Episode II Clone Pilot (new helmet with cords, control box, etc).

- Droid parts in this wave will build R8-B7 (Mace Windu's droid)and R5-X2.

- New 12" figures! Cost around $14. Coming Spring 2013: Darth Vader, Episode III Anakin, Clone Trooper, Episode III Obi-Wan. These will have a vintage quality in terms of sculpt and articulation. Most accessories molded right into their hands.

- Fighter Pods Rampage battle game. Over 100 figures in this little line. Series 3 coming this Fall. They've also rolled out a Fighter Pods online version of the game at

- Fighter Pods Rampage will include vehicles like the Hailfire Droid and the Republic Gunship.

Next up were the EXCLUSIVES:


- Darth Maul Returns Battle Packs (this December)

- Droid Pack 3-Pack featuring Death Star Droid and a Power Droid (removable top!)

- Villain Set: Boba Fett, Tusken Raider, and Snaggle Tooth

- Darth Maul Fighter Pods Tin


- ROTJ AT-ST Scout Walker ("Tempest 2") this August

- ROTJ AT-ST Crew 2-pack, with new headsculpts on the drivers

- Ewok Scouts 2-Pack ("Attack Scouts")

Toys 'R' Us:

- Ewok pack, including Kneesaa, Flitchee, Nanta, Teebo (with two outfit changes), and Tippet.

- Yavin Pilot pack: Tiree, Davish Krail, R5-D8 Porkins, "Mauler" Mithel.

- A Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper - includes a really nifty stand. They also demonstrated how the scout will actually stay on his bike, even when tipped upside down. Very cool.

- Huge Millennium Falcon in the Vintage style. The Falcon package has the Art Director's son right on the box, with photography and graphics to match the original vintage line Falcon. Inside is the very same Falcon as previously released a few years back.

- Coming in October is the vintage-package style AT-AT (Endor colors, muddy "paws"). Same AT-AT as previously released.

Brian's Toys:

- Jocasta Nu 3.75" coming in December (they mentioned many Easter Eggs to be found on this figure). Includes Jedi Library Dooku bust accessory. Comes on an un-numbered classic card.


- Will Clegg Lars see the 3.75" light of day? Yes, eventually!

- How did you come up with Jar Jar frozen in Carbonite? Tribute to the life-sized version that was created.

- How deep will you go in the realistic CW line? More on the radar! They also noted how much fun they have working on these types of figures.

- What's the deal with the Mandalorian Assault Transport? Not currently available (at least, not supposed to be - some slipped out). Soon to be (re)released. "It's on our list."

- Are The Old Republic video game figures coming? To be announced at CVI.

- Plans for protective plastic cases? Nope. They experimented with them and have decided they won't be adding the expense to the figures. Only for convention exclusives.

- Any Hasbro CVI exclusive? Nope!

- Ever considered a prequel retro-line (telescoping sabers)? We'd love to, but... we are focused on the current vintage style. Retro-style Kenner figures probably has too small an audience. Plus, they have these vintage-feel 12" figures coming.

- Can you name some of the "off-limits" figures? There is no magic list - many are just problematic for various reasons. There aren't actually very many. Can't name names.

- Build-a-Droid coming to Disney California? It's been doing well and is certainly a possibility.

-Sadly, there was no mention of a Kitster figure. We're guessing they are waiting for Celebration VI for that reveal...

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