Posted by Curto on January 8, 2008 at 11:08 PM CST
It's the final "Fans' Choice" wave of the Saga Legends line, and it's made up of figures that YOU voted for!

Last summer, Hasbro held a net-wide voting where fans around the world could pick the final five figures for the Saga Legends "Fans' Choice" wave.

After all the votes were tallied, the final 5 figures chosen were revealed: Shadow Stormtrooper, Utapau Shadow Trooper, Commander Neyo, Covert Ops Clone Trooper, and Zev Senesca.

Last month, we were able to show off the cardback designs, featuring all-new artwork of these characters, as well as a little teaser that not all the coins would be silver.

Now with today's update, it can be revealed....there will be a pair of "shadow coins" included in the line, to coincide with the "shadow troopers".

In addition, as revealed over the weekend, there will be a special offer for a sneak preview figure from The Clone Wars animated series. No one's sure just who "Captain Rex" is (although it's a safe bet that it's probably NOT RX-24 from the Star Tours line), but we'll be able to get this figure through a special redemption program.

Check out the images below for all the details.