Posted by D. Martin on July 25, 2014 at 08:36 PM CST
The Black Series 6-Inch Bossk
There is little doubt that the new 6-inch Bossk is incredible, but there was one thing odd; something obvious to anyone that has the bounty hunter scene fresh in their mind: Bossk is left handed. His rifle sits over his left shoulder and is gripped with his left hand. In the past most Bossk figures from Hasbro and many other companies has over looked this. We asked if this figure would come with an additional gripping hand to make it screen accurate, but alas, we must go without. If its any conciliation, the 5POA Mission Series Bossk is a proper South Paw.

The Black Series 6-Inch Tauntaun
When developing the Tauntaun, Hasbro designed it not only to feature a split belly feature, but also packed it full of stinky guts. Really, truly stinky guts. Due to price point, these features will not be present in this set. Perhaps we'll see it come back at some point down the road. Needless to say, since the Hoth Luke is also tooled, you can expect them to eventually redo the head on both Luke and the Tauntaun to release another deluxe set. Don't expect it to come along any time too soon though. Hasbro has only made the design option possible. They haven't actually scheduled it in yet.

On the topic of switch out parts and altering products, the film accurate brown parka is not off the table. At some point in the 6-inch line we could see a single packed Han sporting the correct coat. In addition, the figure's design allows for an alternate head and a downed hood. Neither of which are included in this set.

Rebels 3 3/4-Inch Troop Transport
As you can see from the Troop Transport, the current design doesn't allow for a sound feature like the original, but they may consider doing something with that in the future. This version may look a lot like the original one, which was also designed by Mark Boudreaux, but the functionality has been greatly improved. If he was there we would have asked him how long he's been thinking about this redesign.

This new vehicle doesn't come with the prisoner restraints like those found with the classic Kenner vehicle.
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