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Mattel's Star Wars Hot Wheels collection is surprisingly good in person! The level of detail and creative, yet still iconic, design is spellbinding! You may not want to buy them all (though we're guessing you probably will), you'll be hard pressed not to pick up the cars based on your favorite characters!

The top row of the displayed cars in the gallery attached to this story is a one-off set being produced as a Walmart exclusive assortment.Eight cars then no more. done deal.

The single packed cars are comparable with most, if not all, existing Hot Wheels tracks, but that doesn't mean they aren't producing Star Wars themed tracks. In fact, there is one on display that allows kids (and kids at hear) to blow up the Death Star. This explosive track blows up good! Sadly, it wasn't ready to show, so you'll have to wait until we go back to see them again. not shown, but discussed is the Jedi Luke Skywalker car. Collectors can expect a white flap to help identify the character. At this point they aren't exploring a Hoojib car. We can't figure out why...

The two packs on displays displayed feature a single pack car paired with a cool exclusive car. In the R2-D2 & C-3PO pack, the R2 does have a unique dirty wash, so technically it is also new. The Chewbacca & Han Solo pack, according to Mattel is a straight repack of our favorite Wookiee and a totally awesome Han Solo design that amazed us! The next set in the two pack collection will include a repainted Darth Vader (red windshield and black chest armor) pitted against an Obi-Wan Kenobi car. While it was considered to give this Vader a matte finish, Lucasfilm requested a gloss finish. We're guessing the licensing guy may not have seen A New Hope in a while…

Also on display, but not shown, is their film accurate die cast collection. These vehicles take the Titanium concept to the next level and in some cases introduce plastic environments to sell the display ability. Once more, we're willing to bet you'll buy some if not all of these!
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