Posted by Philip on February 15, 2013 at 11:42 AM CST
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Corey, your friendly neighborhood DASH guy here! I?ve survived Toy Fair and now that I?ve got a minute to spare, I wanted to swing by and talk about some of DASH?s best features in a little more detail. You probably think you?ve heard it all before, but I want you to hear it straight from my point of view as a collector first and DASH guy second. I still think a DASH Collector?s Club membership might just be the best $25 you can spend on your collection.

I know we?re all on limited budgets and $25 goes a long way towards new plastic. But one new figure doesn?t influence every single piece of your collection like a DASH upgraded membership does. I can?t tell you how useful it is to have a comprehensive values guide on my side when shopping around, and I really can?t explain how comforting (and awesome) it is to see that really big number capturing what my entire collection is worth. Traditional price guides (which are just as expensive anyway) can?t even do what DASH does as an action figure values guide, and they?re slower, less convenient, and not particularly mobile.

Being able to take full advantage of the Android or iOS action figures app is too incredibly awesome. At toy shows I?m able to whip out the app and cross reference prices for a figure on the spot with some extra authority. And I?m able to enjoy my figures on the road by swiping through page after page of my digital collection. I can even add new figure to my collection or the catalog while standing in the toy aisle. It basically gives me the freedom to carry my collection with me, and that?s a dream come true for a diehard collector like me.

I often succumb to hyperbole for the sake of fun writing, but I don?t think I?m exaggerating when I say a DASH Collector?s Club is the best $25 you can spend on a toy collection right now.
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