Posted by Chris on March 26, 2019 at 08:20 PM CST
What do the Star Wars collecting clubs from Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, and Washington DC have in common? They have all teamed up this Celebration to create a fantastic 8-piece puzzle patch set to be given away exclusively at Celebration Chicago. Inspired by the vintage Return of the Jedi multi-pack sticker, it features 8 vintage action figures from the iconic Battle of Hoth. Stop by each club's booth to see how you can obtain their piece of this Kenner-inspired patch set.

Washington DC Area Star Wars Collecting Club: #1246
Empire State Star Wars Collecting Club: #1544
Indiana Star Wars Collecting Community: #1238
Kentucky Star Wars Collectors Club: #1239
Lone Star State Vintage Star Wars Collectors Club: #1446
Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club: #1240
Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society: #1342
Star Wars Grand Florida Alliance: #1338

Available only at Star Wars Celebration Chicago taking place April 11-15, 2019 while supplies last.
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