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One of the highlights of Star Wars Celebrations for collectors are the collecting track panels and details of the first six panels have been announced for Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016.
First Panels for the Star Wars Collecting Track Revealed

Star Wars is a favorite hobby for some, and an obsession for others. The Collecting Track at Star Wars Celebration Europe will feature in-depth information on a variety of topics from mainstream to delightfully obscure.

Super-collector Gus Lopez and his team have put together a great program, and an extra-special bonus for collectors: a series of special, Celebration-only giveaways that are handed out at each panel.

Here are the first six panel descriptions for
Star Wars Celebration Europe collectors. Look for more coming soon!

The Effect And Influence Of The Palitoy Company On
Star Wars Toys

By the time
Star Wars was released in the U.K., the Palitoy Company was already the number one powerhouse in the boys toys retail marketplace. Whilst the divisions within The Palitoy Company were granted the opportunity to distribute the Kenner products (Palitoy, Denys Fisher & Chad Valley), it wasn't as easy as simply repackaging the toys. Many changes and compromises were required in the U.K. market, which led to unique variations and, in some cases, completely new product. This presentation takes a look back at those challenges, the highs and lows, the successes and failures that all contribute to one of the most coveted areas of international Star Wars vintage collecting. Presented by Dave Tree.

Star Wars Original Props and Costumes

Explore the wonderful world of collecting original props used in the making of the
Star Wars movies. Hear hints and tips on all aspects of collecting the greatest collectible of all, an actual piece of the movies we hold so dear. Also, take a look at some amazing pieces in private collections around the world and hear some of the stories behind the acquisition of these iconic pieces of celluloid history. Presented by Brandon Alinger, Andy Goulding, Stephen Lane, Dave Abberley and Gus Lopez.

Star Wars Collectibles

The term “rare” can mean many things in the collecting realm. It's used to describe mass-produced toys that are just hitting retailers, chase-variant bobbles in trading card sets, and pre-production prototypes that can number in the dozens. While “rare” can mean whatever a seller wishes it to mean, there's a different term which is unmistakable: One-of-a-kind. Join us as we showcase a selection of collectibles so rare that each is the only example known to exist!
Presented by Bill Cable, Andrew Davies and Dave Tree.

Star Wars LEGO

Star Wars was first introduced in 1999 and has grown, brick by brick to become the largest Star Wars licensee. LEGO Star Wars sets offer something for every age group. From beginning as regular LEGO sets 15 years ago, LEGO Star Wars has grown to encompass video games, apparel, alarm clocks, watches, keyrings, books, theme park attractions and more! There are even numerous popular TV specials that expand the Star Wars story further. Take a look back on the first 17 years of LEGO Star Wars, the increasing number of copies, and get a brief glimpse into what the future of LEGO Star Wars holds. Presented by James Burns and Duncan Jenkins.

Star Wars Coins

Ever wonder how to make an ounce of aluminum worth is weight in gold? Put a
Star Wars logo on it! Join Gus, Mark, and James as they review the basics of Star Wars coin collecting, discuss recent market trends and shed light on the inner workings of how the Star Wars Power of the Force coins were developed and produced. This presentation will take a close look at the two mints involved in producing the coins, dispel some myths and misinformation, and share never-before-seen images of Star Wars coin rarities. Presented by Mark Salotti, James Gallo and Gus Lopez.

Food premiums from France - 3 Decades of Eating with
Star Wars

France always had some very nice and unusual food premiums. Review premium offers from the original era, like the infamous Palmito cards or Motta stickers, the Prelogy with the Gaulois magnets, and cereals, and follow the evolution all the way to food premiums for
The Force Awakens, including products for the first time on the French market like Volvic bottled water. An entire saga of collectibles! Presented by Stephane Faucourt.
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