Posted by Chris on May 1, 2012 at 08:00 PM CST
Last week, a large gallery of new and current Star Wars Disney product was posted to give people who can't visit the various parks on a regular basis the chance to see what's offered. When a few items were not featured in the first gallery (for example: Starspeeder 1000), I received several emails from readers asking if they were sold out. Because of this, I decided to head back to Orlando with camera in hand once again. Here is yet another gallery of photos which includes not only the Starspeeder 1000, but other various products, locations and features with a Star Wars theme. Enjoy!

The afternoon began at Epcot in The Art of Disney store.

Disney's Hollywood Studios brings back the newer Star Wars themed park map in several different languages just in time for Star Wars Weekends. There is also a small pin stand directly behind the park map stand with a few Star Wars pieces worth noting.

A large amount of Star Wars merchandise has been moved into the American Idol area in preparation for SWW.

On the way over to Star Tours, there's a small street side vendor with even more Star Wars merchandise.

It's nothing new at this point, but one can't make a trip to Hollywood Studios without taking a flight on Star Tours at least once and never gets old.

Upon exciting Star Tours, a quick stop in Tatooine Traders is a must...literally.

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