Posted by Jay on January 28, 2012 at 08:28 AM CST
Adam wanted to let everyone know about this great new book:

It's been a long time coming, but my book is finally available for order! The page on is live so check it out now! Signed copies are available, along with many other cool items:

There you'll find great insights into the content & style of the book itself, including sample pages & photos. Monument Press really did a fantastic job with the layout & design. The final product is really beautiful. We definitely achieved our goals with regard to the book's style & substance. We've put together the reference book that's been missing from the selection for 30 years. This complete body of information isn't presented anywhere else, period. Also, we've managed to weave in the story of the making of the films themselves, as well as our personal adventures & connections to the movies & the locations. And we managed to do it in a way that pulls the reader in visually from the very first page.

Signed first edition copies are available now ONLY on the Kickstarter page, along with many other very cool & exclusive rewards that will only be available for the next 30 days. This project hasn't been cheap, as you can imagine. We've encountered quite a number of substantial production costs and we need your pledges, purchases & help in a big way. Visit the Kickstarter page now, make your pledge, and get your signed copy!

Thanks to everyone for sticking with us through the recent delays, and for supporting the project now that it's finally off the ground.

Also, be sure to check out both our Facebook page & our permanent web page, (currently being developed):

For the detail oriented, the book is 130 full-color pages, very visual, full bleed on virtually every page, 8" x 8", and is paperback as opposed to hard cover (which is easier to put in a backpack!) Be sure to head over the Kickstarter page and pledge now. This is a limited time offer and can't happen without your support!
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