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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Review
by Jonathan N.

For a long time, Star Wars fans have been waiting for the ultimate Star Warsgame. If you ask me, LucasArts has finally made it. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has been anticipated for years, with LucasArts working to make the perfect game. I own the Wii version and there are a few factors to consider: controls, graphics, storyline, gameplay, and multiplayer.

The controls for the Wii are very interesting. You use the control stick on the nunchuck to move your character around, and swing the remote to use your lightsaber. You can lock onto a foe to do specific force moves. There are four basic force moves: push, where you jab the nunchuck forward; lightning, pressing the c button on the nunchuck; grip, pressing and holding the "z" button on the nunchuck, and then putting your enemy open to any attack; and repulse, where you press and hold the "b" and "z" button, then slam down both the remote and nunchuck. There are other force powers that you can unlock and buy. You can also dash pressing the "a" button. The controls are straight forward, and once you get them down, you can beat any Jedi.
Control rating: 9/10

The graphics are very good on the Wii version, although some complain that they are not as good as the graphics on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation3. The characters are very well done, with each person moving and talking realistically. There is one downside, though: everyone seems to have a blank expression on their face.
Graphics rating 7/10

The storyline is amazing. There are a couple of different paths you can take, and thus change the ending. This gameís story could possibly become a movie. The story starts with Darth Vader and his stormtroopers invading Kashyyyk, home to the wookiees, to kill a rogue Jedi. Darth Vader is about to kill the Jedi when the Jediís son picks up Darth Vaderís lightsaber and points it at Darth Vader. Vader senses great power in the young boy, takes him to a secret location, and begins to train the boy, now named Starkiller, in order to kill other Jedi. And thus begins the game.
Storyline rating 10/10

The gameplay in the campaign is very good. The missions are very interesting, and there are many secrets to be found that you can use in between missions. For example, there are Jedi holocrons you collect that contain concept art and codes. You can also gain force points by defeating enemies and completing missions, which you can then use to upgrade your force powers, and obtain costumes and lightsaber crystals, so you can customize your character. There are cinematic endings to boss battles, where you jab either the remote or nunchuck when it comes on screen. Although the targeting is tricky, it is still good.
Gameplay rating 9/10

The multiplayer is exclusive to the Wii version only. You can pick Jedi or Sith that you unlocked in the campaign, pick a map, and then duel another player. There are powerups in the game that can give you upgraded force, health, or reinforcements. If you are good enough you will become "unleashed", where you have unlimited force. Unfortunately, you cannot lock onto who you are fighting, which makes it harder to direct your attacks toward him.
Multiplayer rating 9/10

In general, this game is really nice. The controls are easy to learn, the graphics are very realistic, the storyline is outstanding, the gameplay is cool, and the multiplayer is the finishing touch. Overall, I would give this game 8.8 out of a possible 10.
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