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Rebelscum's rascally reporters Gretchen & Caribou from Florida are back with their report from last week's Star Wars Weekends.

"Since there is a possibility that we might not make it to the last two weekends of Star Wars Weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios this year, we went back this weekend for two main reasons.

One was to attend the Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Behind the Force presentation which is a nice way to see and hear some behind the scenes stories about the making of the animated TV show. Jeremy Bulloch starts things off by introducing the host of the show, Ashley Eckstein. Ashley is then soon joined on stage by Tom Kane. Tome does plenty of voices on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, mainly Yoda, but does a great Morgan Freeman as well. They share their experiences, plus go out tot he audience and select three kids to voice roles in the show for some fun. The audience also gets treated by videos of Dave Filloni explaining the process of taking an episode of the show from concept to finished product, James Arnold Taylor provided an overview of the voice recording process, and of course there was a preview of Season Three. These presentations are always fun to attend and this one was great.

The other reason to go was to try and get some better pictures of items that will be available from Disney at Star Wars Celebration V. There will be a new Starspeeder (which most people have probably already seen), a figure of Donald Duck as a Shadow Trooper, and being Disney there will be plenty of cool pins. To go along with the pins, there will be a very cool lanyard as well. We asked a cast member if this was all that was planned and they said this was just a sampling of items to be available.

Hopefully the pictures provide a better idea of things to come and the experience of the show. You still have two weekends left to stop by and enjoy the festivities. Hope you can make it."

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