Posted by Curto on May 24, 2011 at 07:50 AM CST
Rebel spies extraordinaire Gretchen & Caribou are back...this time with an update from the first Star Wars Weekends, and the official relaunch of Star Tours!

"Even though there is so much coverage of this weekends events, we wanted to share what we were able to enjoy as Disney's Star Wars Weekends for 2011 kicked off on May 20th. Of course the big event was the grand opening ceremony for the revamped Star Tours attraction. The stage was at the Sorcerer's Hat and only the media and special guests were allowed close to the stage. So it made it a challenge to get a good view of everything, but it didn't take away from being there and getting to see all the festivities and especially the Maker himself, Mr. George Lucas.

"It might seem like seeing George Lucas couldn't be topped, but we felt like Dave Filoni and Ashley Eckstein did just that during the Clone Wars: Behind the Force show. James Arnold Taylor kicked off the show and introduced the audience to Ashley who took over hosting duties from there. She shared a couple video clips that provided behind the scenes fun on the making of the Clone Wars series and a refresher on what the Clone Wars are all about and some of the key players (kinda of a Clone Wars 101). When Dave came out, he and Ashley seemed to be just having fun talking about the show and taking questions from the audience. One audience member thanked Dave for being part of ForceCast discussions and then asked when Ben Quadinaros would make an appearance in the Clone Wars - Kyle would be so proud. Dave and Ashley even had audience members audition to be Yoda and supply the dialogue for a scene between Ashoka and Yoda. To finish out the show, they shared a new trailer for Season Four (which will have the subtitle of Battle Lines)that was very cool. No doubt this will be on after this weekend.

"We don't want to forget that we got to ride the new Star Tours ride twice, had a moment to meet and thank a young lady from the StarTours2Live team that had been keeping everyone updated on what was going on all week leading up to the opening day events, and picked up some new Star Wars items at Jabba's Hutt. There were plenty more activities throughout the day that we didn't get to, but we'll save those for another weekend (if we can make it back).

"Here are some photos from the opening ceremony, the Behind the Force show, and inside the queue line for Star Tours. May the Force Be With You."

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