Posted by Adam on July 27, 2013 at 11:21 PM CST
We've received more reports on both Saga Legends and the Mission Series 2-packs being found.

First up, this is what Rebelscum reader Doug R. had to say about finding Saga Legends at a local department store chain:

I ran into wave 1 of Saga Legends 2013 at a local chain called Reny's (their tagline is "A Maine adventure") at their Belfast Maine location and as far as I know these are the first examples of new 3.75 inch figure in the area. The Toys R' Us in Bangor (a much larger area) has the Anakin to Darth Vader figure as well as Anakin's and Obi-Wan's starfighters and Slave 1 in the new packaging, but no figures. There were five figures in total (not pictured was a second Obi-Wan).

Interestingly, the back of each card has two images of the character (one is a screen image and the other a production photo). If they'd have put the movie scene on the front and used vintage style packaging, I might have bought all four. Since the price here was $6.99, I'll at least wait until I see them for the suggested $5.99 retail price. Apparently part of the "adventure" is paying $1.00 more across the board as the Movie Heroes and Vintage figures (Phantom Menace wave, of course) were priced at $9.99 and $10.99.

In any case it's awesome to finally see something new at retail and in person, these sculpts are very nice.

Following on from that, Alberto S. let us know that he found the first wave of Mission Series 2-packs at Disney in Orlando:

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