Posted by Adam on December 2, 2019 at 11:32 PM CST
This time last month saw TOMS release their second Star Wars collection and they were kind enough to send us a pair of their Luke Skywalker high-tops.

Before we even get started on the shoes themselves, the first thing to comment on is the box that they come in, which is all-white, with silver lettering, saying Star Wars x TOMS on the top, and then TOMS in Aurebesh on the side. Packed in with the shoes is a cloth-bag that features classic art from the original Marvel Comics' Star Wars series and a small card with the Star Wars x TOMS logo on.

When it comes to the shoes, much like the rest of the adult options in the second collection, the beige-colored Luke Skywalker high-tops are really understated, and only the most eagle-eyed will spot the stylized "Luke Skywalker" on the inside of both shoes, and the oh-so-subtle insignia and markings from his Rebel helmet that are sewn into the back of each shoe. On the front of the tongue is the Star Wars x TOMS logo, while the inverse shows another piece of Marvel art, this time Luke wearing his pilot's helmet as he prepares to attack the Death Star. With an orange interior, akin to Luke's jumpsuit, the shoe also features a printed footbed that shows his X-wing flying down the Death Star trench.

I was sold on these the moment I first saw them at San Diego Comic-Con, and my feelings haven't changed. They're comfortable and stylish and on top of that, they allow you to rep your Star Wars love, without being overt about it.

Check out the full collection by visiting the Star Wars x TOMS site.

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