Posted by D_Martin on December 16, 2007 at 03:24 PM CST
As we know, Lucasfilm will be releasing the first three episodes of their new Clone Wars Animated Epic theatrically in the late summer before it begins on television. Hasbro will be ready with the following:

Clone Wars 3 ?? Basic Figures
Needless to say, based on the very warm reception the character designs have received from the Star Wars collecting community, this is a line that will be very successful. While we can expect to see 17 figures in 2008, don?t be surprised to find even more coming out after that.

Clone Wars Clone Trooper Helmet
This role playing helmet will feature a voice amplifier and pre-recorded phrases from the show. It will be package in an interactive try Me box.

Clone Wars Ultimate Lightsabers
Basically, a repackaged, and possibly retooled build-your-own Lightsaber set. Packaged in a clone Wars themed window box.

The Force Unleashed Basic Figure Assortment
The other big sub-collection for 2008 will be Force Unleashed. Based on what we?ve seen so far, this collection will not let us down in design or character variety. Beyond what we?ve seen, collectors can expect additional waves to be released throughout the year.

Star Wars 3 ?? Basic Figures Assortment
Pushing the action figure pack ins in an altogether new direction, Hasbro will be offering the first build-a-figure promotion in the 3 3/4 ? basic line. The Droid Factory waves is currently planned to include 30 figures in 2008, each with an additional piece that together will create one big droid. Let the speculation begin on this one.

Star Wars Evolution Packs
The popular Evolutions collection is finally coming back in 2008, and we couldn?t be happier. While there have been a lot of rumours as to what could possibly come out, all we can say at this time is that Hasbro is currently planning 8 different sets for 2008.

Star Wars Comic Two packs
For 2008, collectors should be seeing 15 new two packs. Following the themes we?ve seen so far, chances are good most, if not all, will be based on the modern comics.

Star Wars Battle Packs
Hasbro wants to give us 18 new 3 ?? action figure Battle Packs in the new year.

Star Wars 3 ?? scale Vehicles Assortments
Now here?s some exciting news that should get Star Wars collectors excited for 2008?

Star Wars 3 ?? Vehicle Basic Assortment
For 2008, Hasbro plans on releasing 10 icon vehicles.

Star Wars AT-TE
This bad boy is going to be big. Packaged for the Clone Wars Series, Collectors can expect to see a vehicle with lights and sounds that can fit no less than 20 clone troopers!

Star Wars Millenium Falcon
You?ve demanded it, and Hasbro will deliver! (Assuming enough retailers order this at Toy Fair). The current plan is a retooled Falcon that not only has lights, sounds, and firing missiles, it also has character sound bites and can fit 20 figures! Want to insure this one happens? Here?s the soundest advice in the world: Ask your local retailers to get it and buy it at full price when it comes out. Waiting for large vehicles to hit discount will close the large vehicle and playset opportunities forever

Galactic Heroes Two Pack Assortment
This line will explode with another 28 two packs planned for the new year.

Galactic Heroes Vehicle Assortment
There are currently 5 vehicles planned for 2008.

Star Wars Role Play Blasters Assortment
Hasbro will be repackaging their Clone Trooper, Rebel Soldier, and General Grievous blasters in the new year.

Amongst the exclusives being offered in 2008, collectors should be on the look out for the following:

The Force Unleashed Jungle Rancor Battle Pack
Jabba?s Palace Rancor Battle Pack
Jabba?s Skiff Guards Battle Pack
The Force Unleashed Battle Pack
Aayla Secura Jedi Starfighter
Clone Wars Battle Pack

Beyond that, collectors can also expect 18 new Unleashed Battle Packs, some new Star Wars Transformers, and 5 waves of Mighty Muggs that will give us 22 figures in 2008.

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