Posted by D. Martin on June 18, 2012 at 04:47 AM CST
Following our original report from June 5th, we were able to look at some images from an internal Toys "R" Us product presentation that included additional information on three exclusive items coming out this fall.

Speeder Bike with Scout and Cannon

On October 1st, Toys "R" Us will begin selling the Speeder Bike with Scout and Cannon set for $19.99. This set will include an all new Speeder Bike, a Biker Scout (which also appears to be all new) and a tri-pod cannon not too different from the ones the Stormtroopers used on Hoth. The Speeder Bike itself looks awesome! It has the proper handle bar grips, and pedals. This set seems to be limited to 30, 000 pieces for the US market. No word if that number includes International stores as well.

Vintage Collection Endor AT-AT

Also limited to 30,000 pieces and planned to release on October 1st, The Vintage Collection Endor AT-AT will be a repack of the big AT-AT, but this time in a Return Of The Jedi box. The images we've seen are mock ups, so the description doesn't perfectly match the images seen. According to the information we saw, the AT-AT will have an Endor paint deco, so it is safe to assume we'll see dirty 'feet'. The box shown is the original Kenner box, but history has told us that they don't deviate much from the original designs. The suggested Retail Price has yet to be set. Like the previous release, this AT-At will also come with a driver figure.

The Vintage Collection Slave I

There really wasn't a lot of information on this one, but it is planned to come with a Han Solo in Carbonite. Chances are good it will share the casing from the SDCC exclusive Jar Jar.

Adventurous Ewoks & Yavin Pilots Multipacks

You may remember seeing images of these packs some time back, but now we can tell you that they are TRU exclusives. Each set is limited to 30, 000 pieces and will be available on August 1st for $34.99 each. The Adventurous Ewoks set will include Teebo, Kneesaa, Tippet, Corpsey the fallen (LOL), and an unnamed Ewok with an E-11 Blaster. The Yavin Pilots set includes Gold 5 "Pops" Davish Krail, Gold 2 Tiree, Red 5 Porkins, Vader's Left Wingman (with a numbered helmet?)*, and Porkins' Astromech.

* The number, if it appears on the toy, is from the film, not a prototype identification stamp.

Darth Maul FX Double Bladed Lightsaber

With an allocation of 25, 000 pieces and a price point of $69.99, there will be plenty of Star Wars fans playing with this cool FX saber once it is released on September 1st. Like previous releases in this line, the Maul DB Saber will be in a window box.
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