Posted by Mike on July 17, 2008 at 08:28 PM CST

From our friend Nicky Blum of the 501stCast:

"Now fans of R2-KT, the pink Imperial droid with the heart of gold, can get their own collectible "challenge" coin and contribute to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the charitable organization that was so supportive to R2-KT's inspirational namesake Katie Johnson. The commemorative coin is 1.5 inches in diameter with antique silver and nickel finish, dual plated with gold and soft enamel for the coloring. There is no limit to how many coins you may purchase, and all proceeds will be donated to Make-A-Wish. To pre-order your R2-KT coin, PayPal $10.00 US (includes fees and worldwide shipping) to or e-mail for other payment options. Click here for an image of this very special coin which commemorates the girl who moved a Legion."

Thanks Nicky!

UPDATE: Just got this notice after ordering a coin for my own collection, thought I would pass it along. There's roughly one month left to place your order for what is sure to be a cherished collectible for years to come.

"Thank you for ordering your R2KT Coin!

The sale is open throughout the Star Wars community until July 15th.

The coins take 3 weeks to produce and should be to me by the 5-10th of August, at which point I'll have all announcements updated and send them out to all who ordered.

Lesley Farquhar
Executive Officer, Southern California Garrison 501st Legion"

Nicki Blum of the 501stCast sent over the following update:

"Fans who pre-ordered the R2-KT limited edition charity coin should be pleased to know that 1,040 coins were purchased, raising somewhere between $3,500-$4,200 USD for the Make-A-Wish Foundation (final numbers to be determined after shipping). We are extremely humbled by the generosity of the international Star Wars fan community for helping this project become a reality. Delivery of these commemorative coins should begin shortly after August 10th, so keep an eye on your mailbox!"

Thanks to Nicky for the update! And while we're at it, see the write ups below for the 2 most recent episodes of the 501stCast!

"501stCast Episode 19 Now Playing
In this episode of the Legion's official podcast, we tell you what to expect from the 501st at Celebration Japan and San Diego Comic-Con, we speak with Friend of the Legion Weird Al Yankovic, and we ponder a shocking case of Biker Scout abuse! Click here to listen, subscribe or comment now on our show notes page.

Detachment Briefing: FISD
The 501stCast continues its Detachment Briefing minicast series with a focus on our publicly-accessible costume-specific message board communities known as Detachments. Join us as we examine the makings of the quintessential and ubiquitous Original Trilogy Stormtrooper courtesy of the 501st First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (FISD). Click here to listen, subscribe or comment now on our show notes page."
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