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Elmhurst, IL- It is a period of radio war. Rebel broadcasters, striking from a hidden studio, claim their latest victory against the evil Galactic Corporate Radio Empire. The Rebel broadcaster 1530 WJJG has managed to steal the internet's ultimate weapon, "THE FORCECAST?. The hosts of the show hope to save AM Radio and restore freedom to the broadcasting galaxy....

In the latest act of defiance towards radio's conventional "wisdom?, radio maverick and current 1530 WJJG General Manager Matt Dubiel has announced the addition of the wildly popular Star Wars podcast known across the galaxy as ?The ForceCast.? And, with the enduring Lucasfilm franchise returning to theaters with "Star Wars: Episode One - The Phantom Menace 3D", the timing couldn't be more appropriate.

The ForceCast is hosted and produced by Ohio marketing man Jason Swank and long time Chicago radio production wizard Jimmy "Mac" McInerney. Jimmy Mac spent many years as the man behind the sound of Jonathon Brandmeier's show and is currently the production director at WERV The River in Suburban Chicago.

"The Radio business is so ridiculous that talented RADIO people are creating great content people LOVE- and RADIO stations aren't airing it!? chuckled Dubiel. "You wanna know where the talent is? It's on the web...and it WILL be on 1530 WJJG, so long as I have anything to say about it."

From the sound of things, expect more "podcasts" turned broadcasts on weekends on 1530 WJJG.

The ?little station with the big sound? is intent on making a name for itself by providing programming you simply can not hear anywhere else on broadcast radio, while also embracing the web and mobile distribution via the station's free apps.

Dubiel adds, ?Look for an announcement from WJJG next week about the addition of an MTV icon, a world famous tech blogger, a Mixmaster, a couple of "girlfriends" you may remember, and J...V....? he teased.

For a complete station programming schedule including The ForceCast visit


AM 1530 signed on the air October 10, 1974. The station?s call letters were WKDC representing the signal coverage in Will, Kane, DuPage and Cook counties. The studios were built for stereo (Cetec Sparta stereo audio equipment) although it was not until 1976 when the FCC authorized the station to test AM stereo. Daytime and night-time findings on AM stereo were presented at the 1977 NAB Convention in Washington, DC.

In 1994, AM 1530 changed its call sign to WJJG. The call letters stand for owner Joseph J. Gentile. Joe?s nickname, rumored to have been given to him by Chicago sports-talk icon Chet Coppock is ?The Baron Of Barrington,? in honor of the city where he owned a Chrysler-Plymouth dealership for many years. Gentile is well known for his acts of philanthropy to a number of organizations, such as his alma mater Loyola, which named its basketball arena the ?Gentile Center? in 1996.
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