Posted by Adam on May 11, 2015 at 06:00 PM CST
We've received a spy report about a number of different lines from The Force Awakens that have appeared on the system at Toys "R" Us in the UK that seems to corroborate a report in January on product assortments being solicited by Hasbro.

All of the below are listed as 'dead' lines, which from a company point of view could mean anything- Toys R Us deciding against these particular lines, Hasbro changing or even cancelling the line, unfortunately I've no way of finding out the reasons! They could become 'active' again though.

Star Wars VII - 20" Character 1 29.99
Star Wars VII - 20" Character 2 29.99
Star Wars VII - 20" Character 3 29.99
Star Wars VII - 20" Character 5 29.99
Star Wars VII - 20" Character 6 29.99
Star Wars VII - 20" Character 7 29.99 (no "Character 4" strangely- exclusive to another company?)
Star Wars VII - 20" Figure Wave 1 Asst. 29.99
Star Wars VII - 20" Wave 2 Action Figure 29.99
Star Wars VII - 31" Character 1 39.99
Star Wars VII - 31" Character 3 39.99 (again, no "Character 2")

SW7 3.75 Hero Vehicle 129.99 (higher price than Falcon, maybe main villian ship?)

The following are all listed as 'active' however it doesn't mean all will make it to stores!

SW 7 Armour Force Figure Asst. 10.99
SW7 Battle Armour Figures 14.99
SW7 Jungle/Space Figure Asst. 9.99
SW7 Snow/Desert Figure Asst. 9.99
SW7 Twin Pack Figures Asst. 15.99
SW7 Black Series 6" Figure Asst. 21.99
SW7 BS Villian Trooper Blue 22.99
SW7 12" Hero Series Figure 12.99
SW7 Hero Deluxe Figure 16.99
SW7 12" Figure & Vehicle 26.99

SW7 Black Series Vehicle 169.99 (this one in particular is really interesting, I'm purely speculating but at this price it's a big item... a Falcon for 6" figures?!?!)
SW7 HM Attach Vehicle Asst. 29.99 (no idea what 'HM' stands for)
SW7 3.75 Class I Vehicle 22.99
SW7 3.75 Class II Vehicle 29.99
SW7 3.75 Class III Vehicle 49.99
SW7 Villian Starfighter w/Pilot 49.99
SW7 Millenium Falcon 119.99
SW7 BS Diecast Vehicle Asst. 5.99
SW7 Black Series Diecast 4PK 22.99

SW7 Extendable Lightsabers 9.99
SW7 Lead Villian Extend Lightsaber 12.99
SW7 Foam Lightsabers 14.99
SW7 Electronic Lightsaber 24.99
SW7 Signature Lightsaber 49.99
SW7 Kylo Ren Ult FX Lightsaber 59.99
SW7 Force FX Lightsaber 149.99
SW7 Kylo Ren Force FX Lightsaber 219.99
SW7 Sidekick Alien Blaster 24.99 (alien sidekick? Chewie's bowcaster?)
SW7 Villian Trooper Blaster 12.99
SW7 Villian Trooper Large Blaster 39.99
SW7 Ammo Refill 9.99

SW7 Masks 12.99
SW7 Alien Sidekick Electronic Mask 29.99
SW7 Lead Villian Electronic Mask 34.99
SW7 Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet 44.99
SW7 BS Kylo Ren Helmet 79.99

SW7 Micro Machines Blind Bag 1.99
SW7 Micro Machines Battle Set 22.99
SW7 Micro Machines Hero Vehicle 32.99
SW7 Micro Machines Villian Flagship 44.99
SW7 Micro Machines 3PK 4.99
SW7 Micro Machines 5PACK Vehicle 9.99
SW7 Micro Machines Mega Pack 69.99

Lastly, came across this (not Episode 7 but something new)

Star Wars A New Hope 4 Pack 99.99
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