Posted by Curto on December 10, 2008 at 07:25 PM CST
The folks over at Han's Hideout originally asked this question:

Just to clear up some confusion, can you confirm the order of the waves next year? We’re pretty sure 2009 (or maybe late 2008) starts with the 8 figures from ANH, then comes the 6-figure ESB themed Wave 2, followed by the 6-figure RotJ themed Wave 3? Is that right?

While Hasbro did send a reply (click the link above to see what it was), today they shared a more detailed reply to everyone.

To clarify, the 2009 basic figure order looks like this:
Spring consists of -
  • EpIV (8 figures)
  • EpV (6 figures)
  • EpII (6 figures)
  • EpVI (8 figures)

    Fall will see four waves:
  • EpIV (8 figures)
  • EpI (6 figures)
  • EpIII (6 figures)
  • EpV (6 figures)

    for a total of 54 figures.

    A 9th wave, the EU wave (6 figures), has slipped to be on-shelf right now around late Dec/early Jan so we are not counting that in the 2009 count, unless we are able to bring that one back in.

    Got it? Good!