Posted by Dustin on April 22, 2015 at 11:49 AM CST
I've just returned from CVII and Disneyland and can report more on the new astromech's available at the Star Trader.

We have six new bodies.

Primary white with yellow/silver accents
Primary red with black/silver accents
Primary black with gold accents
Primary gray with yellow/blue accents
Primary white with black/silver accents
Primary blue with white/silver accents

There is also a rereleased blue R2-D2 body

Ten new domes

R2 Gold with black accents
R2 White with yellow accents
R2 Blue with yellow accents
R3 Clear with silver accents
R4 White with blue accents
R5 Red with black/white accents
R6 White with black and red accents
R7 Gold with white accents
R8 White with light blue accents
R9 Silver with black accents

There is also a rereleased R2-D2 head

Six new legs (these no longer have the tubes at the bottom determining left/right)

White with yellow accents
Black with gold accents
Gray with yellow accents
White with black accents
Red with black/white accents

There is also a rereleased R2-D2 white/blue

There are four center legs


Three new hats

Oswald ears
Imperial Officer cap

Also rereleased black Mickey Mouse ears.
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