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SAGA 007: General Veers
General Veers commanded the ground forces for Darth Vaderís elite Imperial Death Squadron. He is sent to Hoth on a mission to crush the Rebel forces and destroy Echo Base. Includes blaster, removable helmet and removable armor!

SAGA 008: Major Bren Derlin
Major Derlin was a field officer in the Rebel base on Hoth. When Han Solo and Luke Skywalker were stranded outside Echo Base, he informed Princess Leia that the shield doors would have to be locked for the night without them. Includes Rebel blaster and many trivial facts.

SAGA 009: AT-AT Driver
This Imperial soldier has one goal: to use the massive AT-AT walkers to destroy Echo Base! Working in teams of two, one driver propels the mighty AT-AT into battle while the other operates the laser cannons. Includes Imperial blaster.

SAGA 010: R2-D2
As the end of the battle on Hoth draws near, R2-D2 accompanies Luke Skywalker in his X-wing as he flees the remains of Echo Base. R2-D2 is a reluctant companion as the two travel to the Dagobah system. Includes electronic lights and sounds, plus random accessories to spread around the base.

SAGA 011: Snowtrooper
The snowtroopers storm Echo Base only to find that most Rebels have fled. The Millennium Falcon is the only ship remaining. The snowtroopers open fire, but Han Solo is able to make a miraculous escape. Includes Imperial blaster.

SAGA 012: General Rieekan
When the Imperial forces attack Echo Base, it is the quick thinking of General Rieekan that saves the Rebel Alliance. Rieekan orders an evacuation of the Rebel base, ensuring that the Alliance survives. Includes blaster, but not the Hoth Tactical Screen.

SAGA 013: Darth Vader
Darth Vader is on a mission to find Luke Skywalker. When a probe droid brings news of a Rebel base on Hoth, Vader leads the Imperial forces to the icy planet, but he arrives too late to capture the young Jedi. Includes lightsaber.

SAGA 014: Power Droid (EG-4)
Power droids are used by Imperials and Rebels alike to power anything from ships to machinery to other droids. This unit powers the Allianceís snowspeeders on Hoth when the Imperial forces attack. Includes a Service Droid to pal around with.

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