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Hasbro Makes Good At Last!
As detailed in the Boba Fett Flashback special report, this figure has been a long time coming. Starting out as the very first mailaway figure offer on the classic Kenner 20-back cards, Boba Fett was shown on the back as a mock-up kit-bashed prototype figure that promised a rocket-firing backpack. However, due to safety issues, the rocket was securely attached in place, and the figure was sculpted to reflect his designs for The Empire Strikes Back (TESB). Note that I said "designs" and not "appearance"...the figure's color scheme was very different from the film.

VCP03: Rocket-Firing Boba Fett (2010 Mailaway Figure):

Rocket-Firing Boba FettThirty years later, Hasbro finally delivers on that promise Kenner made to fans over 30 years ago...Boba Fett with a rocket-firing backpack! Although there have been several such figures made over the years, this one goes back and recreates the same vintage sculpt from yesteryear...the one that kids sent away for but never actually got. The initial mailings that were sent out last summer arrived damaged in some cases, so Hasbro went and packaged the box inside of a sturdier box. The results? the cardback is straight and still unpunched. (Not that that really matters for me...I gotta open it up!)

The cardback sports the original Star Wars logo, which makes Boba Fett the first character in the modern line to be released with all 3 Original Trilogy logos. (The VOTC figure was on Return of the Jedi, and the TVC figure was on The Empire Strikes Back)

That right there is reason enough to get this figure, but there is a lot more to love here...

Rocket-Firing Boba Fett Rocket-Firing Boba Fett Rocket-Firing Boba Fett Rocket-Firing Boba Fett Rocket-Firing Boba Fett

The sculpting of the figure is "inspired by" Kenner's version, as it is a bit taller and the lines don't match 100%, but Hasbro has really captured the spirit of Fett here. The lines are crisp and smooth where they need to be, with the same detail as the original. Since this is a new sculpt, the 2009 datestamp on the bottom of the feet is included as well.

The deco is a nice match to the original...and since all of my vintage figures are in "played with" condition, this new one is going to look great with the rest of my vintage figures. Now Hasbro needs to recreate this deco on a modern figure...but that's another story.

The blaster pistol is really sharp. Like hot off the press. The plastic is also very rigid, so it doesn't bend as much as other weapons these days. The style is definitely vintage, but there are more details.

Speaking of the plastic used, the figure itself is also made to be pretty durable. The limbs don't bend and they are stiff in their shapes. This causes the feet to be at an angle that prevents the figure from standing 100% straight up for long, and the hand doesn't hold the blaster very tightly. Eventually Fett falls over and/or drops the blaster.

What about the rocket-firing backpack? This is accomplished via the "L-slot" modification, so the spring inside can shoot the rocket out. There are 2 missiles: one that fires and one that doesn't. Both are red plastic and the longer rocket is 3" long, extending beyond the backpack. This is due to today's safety standards, but it's better than not getting the feature at all. For those that only want to display the figure, a smaller, top-only rocket is included. This can be inserted into the top of the backpack, but it does not launch.

Rocket-Firing Boba Fett Rocket-Firing Boba Fett Rocket-Firing Boba Fett
Rocket-Firing Boba Fett Rocket-Firing Boba Fett Rocket-Firing Boba Fett

If you want to get this cool figure for your collection, there's still time. You'll need to send in the official certificate (or a copy), 5 qualifying UPCs and $6.99 before April you've still got over a week to go!

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