Posted by Philip on November 11, 2009 at 09:33 AM CST
I'm guessing they are hoping we'll cover it in our news here. But, regular readers will know we couldn't begin to let something like this get by without letting you know. Not only do we love April 1st jokes, which is how this got started, but it's just about the coolest new Star Wars product idea that's come across our computers in awhile.

I'm glad I got one to tell you about because it's MUCH nicer that you'd expect for something like this. You know how much of the Star Wars decorating stuff, like sheets and blankets can be frankly a little on the cheap side? We used to have a guest room completely decorated this way and my wife tried and tried to get the sheets to not be scratchy. Wasted time, and the sheets had to go, much to my disappointment. We've kind of gotten used to things like that being not the best quality, with price points winning over real quality. Not that they weren't quality sheets and blankets, but they just can't make a great piece for the money they think we're willing to pay.

Well, this sleeping bag is nothing like that. We opened it in the kitchen and spread it out on our island we just marveled at the piece. At every turn, it's has another surprise, from the head, to the lightsaber zipper, to the arms and legs, the embroidery stitching and the guts inside. Everything feels great and it appears they took no shortcuts making them. I'd be careful letting your kids in them for fear they may never come out. I want to hang mine on the wall instead. I was initially happy to see the price would be $99.99, but after actually getting one I really, really, think it's a terrific deal.

ThinkGeek is taking pre-orders now and it says they will ship by November 30, which will be in plenty of time for Christmas presents. I bet there will be one under many Christmas trees this year.

Pre-Order at ThinkGeek

I just noticed StarWarShop has also started taking pre-orders.
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