Posted by Dustin on August 19, 2015 at 07:58 PM CST
Here's a bit of interesting information from a fellow droid collector Carl C. via the Everything BB-8 Facebook group.

We have yet to hear if Sphero's higher-end BB-8 toy will be available on September 4th ("Force Friday"), or later in the Fall closer to the film's release. However, it appears we may possibly be seeing some interactive BB-8 toys released on Force Friday, courtesy of Thinkway Toys. While the name isn't as recognizable a brand like Hasbro, Thinkway have been doing interactive toys for several Disney lines for many years, most notably all of the interactive Wall-E robots and toys. Well, one of our Bothans was able to get us a quick glimpse at the 9/4 product release lists, and two (2) Thinkway products immediately jumped out:

  • 16" Scaled Interactive Hero Droid
  • EP7 U-Command Hero Droid
  • EP7 16" Lead Villain
  • EP7 16" Alien Sidekick
  • 16" Classic Stormtrooper
  • 16" Darth Vader

    Now, keep in mind that the listing simply says "Hero Droid", and that's how they currently are in the systems. So it doesn't guarantee that either (or both) are actually BB-8 products. One could also surmise it could be Artoo. But given all of the variables chances are we could have our first real hint at some interactive BB-8 items with these product lists.

  • So what do you think? I went to their website and noticed that they are also going to be doing Star Wars Rebels toys as well, so one of these could be Chopper.

    Are you looking forward to a interactive BB-8 of your own? Sound off in the comments below!
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