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HighBridge Audio, the publisher of Star Wars: The Original Radio Drama, has issued a press release with details of two new Collector's Editions, in collaboration with the Topps Trading Card company.

Read on for all of the info on these exciting sets.

HighBridge to release limited-run Collector's Editions of
Star Wars: A New Hope, Original Radio Drama

HighBridge Audio, publisher of Star Wars: The Original Radio Drama?featuring original movie cast members Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels as well as original movie sound effects and music?is releasing new Collector's Editions, in collaboration with the Topps Trading Card company. The Collector?s Editions release November 6, 2013, and are available exclusively from HighBridge at

In 1981, George Lucas' Star Wars movie script was adapted to meet the special demands and unique possibilities of radio, producing an enhanced, expanded version of the story, with many episodes not seen in the film, adding a significant amount of backstory and a much greater emphasis on character development. As a result, Star Wars: The Original Radio Drama, created as a public radio fundraiser and later published by HighBridge Audio, became something that is familiar yet completely new?an exhilarating, deeply satisfying fable for the mind's eye.

Now, more than 30 years after originally airing on NPR, Topps is commemorating the expanded storyline of this auditory sensation with its new Topps Star Wars Illustrated: A New Hope card series. HighBridge is celebrating with the release of two limited-run, MP3-CD Collector?s Editions: Star Wars: A New Hope - The Original Radio Drama, "Light Side" (art by Matt Busch) and "Dark Side" (art by Randy Martinez).

Each volume includes the original Star Wars: A New Hope radio drama, an exclusive card from the Topps series, plus rare audio content and interviews from the making of the radio drama.

Star Wars remains a phenomenon, with many millions of fans worldwide. The first movie released, Star Wars: A New Hope, is arguably the most popular. Amid speculation that Mark Hamill and others will be reprising their roles for the planned 2015 release of Star Wars Episode VII, these new Collector's Editions with their expanded storyline will garner attention from both first and second generation fans anticipating the new movie.

Special features of the
Star Wars: A New Hope?
The Original Radio Drama
Topps Collector's Editions:

  • Limited 7,500 print run

  • Topps Star Wars Illustrated: A New Hope card that corresponds to the package cover art

  • 6 hours of the Star Wars Original Radio Drama, with a cast led by Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels, John Williams' iconic score, and Ben Burtt's irreplaceable sound effects

  • 35 minutes of rare bonus audio: 'The Making of the Radio Drama' audio documentary, interviews, and promo spots created for the original radio broadcast

  • 12-page booklet featuring images from the recording sessions and the Star Wars: A New Hope movie"

Source: HighBridge Audio
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