Posted by Dustin on February 1, 2016 at 04:45 PM CST

I recently had the opportunity to try out one of the large wall murals available from Room Mates Decor. The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Wallpaper Mural is printed on seven panels of high quality SureStrip? removable material that is super easy to install after activating the prepasted adhesive hold with water. You can submerge the entire roll and activate the glue or cut up each panel individually off the roll and use a water spray bottle to make it sticky. I cut up my roll so I could lay out the entire scene first and see how it would look, then worked each panel one at a time.

To activate the adhesive, I used a spray bottle of water and applied it to the back of the mural panel I was dealing with. I suggest you don't go light on this step. The water will help you float the image into place as needed to align with the previous panel.

The first panel was the easiest it seemed. After that each panel must be aligned correctly with the previous or the image will be off. I have to admit I had a little bit of difficulty with EVERY panel after the first, but just remembered not to panic. I took my time lining up the panels, using the trusty spray bottle and cloth rag to quickly smooth out the seams.

Overall I think it came out great! I've never hung wallpaper in my life, and it shows in a few places if you look up close. However, step back and this new Star Wars: The Force Awakens Wallpaper Mural by Room Mates Decor totally transforms the room into a much more colorful piece of the galaxy.

The Room Mates Decor Star Wars: The Force Awakens Wallpaper Mural is highly recommended by this fanboy for the easy to follow instructions, ease of application, and bringing back that feeling of pure Star Wars joy to my otherwise bland room.

Special thanks to Room Mates Decor For making this happen. If you are interested trying out their Star Wars themed wallpaper click here to visit their website today!
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