Posted by Jeremy on December 6, 2017 at 08:13 PM CST

With a plethora of magazines - from kids', fashion, film, science fiction and more - to chose from this month we thought that an easy visual guide and synopsis so you know what to look for.

Issue 443 - This month, Starburst celebrates the release of the latest film in the Star Wars saga - The Last Jedi. As well as previewing the movie, they look back the work and life of the seriesí creator George Lucas. Itís also a very special month as Starburst reaches their 40th Anniversary. This issue is packed with all manner of commemorative features including an interview with cover artist Mark Reihill. Priced £4.99.

January 2018 - Total Film magazine's Star Wars: The Last Jedi issue has landed! The most anticipated film of the year is almost here, and they couldnít be more excited. This month's issue is a premium pack of Star Wars goodness, featuring five great gifts and everything you need to know to prepare yourself for The Last Jedi. Priced £6.50.

Issue 294 - Sporting an awesome The Last Jedi cover, the latest issue of British science fiction and fantasy magazine SFX looks at porgs, Rey's lightsabre blade and how Luke avoided becoming Obi-Two in the most current Star Wars installment. Priced £4.99.

Issue 139 - Promising more porgs than any other magazine on the market, SciFi Now also has content on the lore o' the Jedi, and an in-depth guide to the next Star Warsmovie. Priced £4.99.

These magazines are all available in supermarkets and newsagents throughout the United Kingdom. Overseas readers can order them through Unique Magazines who provide a subscription and back ordering service for international customers.

And be sure to check out the latest edition of Jedi Journals for more comic, book and magazine discussion than you can fit on your average Billy bookcase.