Posted by Curto on May 27, 2005 at 12:00 PM CST
While there are a lot of toys to hunt down at Burger King, there are a few other Star Wars collectibles you might overlook that may be worth picking up while you are eating all that food. New items marked in red.

Choose Your Destiny Game:
Every game piece has a prize! In Burger King's new game, you could win a number of prizes at participating restaurants. Look for game pieces on the packaging and if you choose correctly, you can win one of the following prizes:
  • $1,000,000 (Payable over 20 years without interest)
  • $100,000 SONY electronics shopping spree
  • $50,000 college savings fund
  • $50,000 stock portfolio
  • SONY 50" Plasma WEGA TV
  • SONY home theater system
  • LEGO ARC-170 Starfighter
  • LEGO Star Wars The Video Game
  • Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith video game (PS2 or XBOX)
  • $300 phone package (Cingular customers only)
  • $300 in gift cards (Cingular customers only)
  • FOOD! There's lots of food prizes on game pieces.

Star Wars Team Game:
Customers are not the only ones able to play in a game at Burger King. It's similar to the Choose Your Destiny game in that you can choose one spot to win a prize, but this is open to employees only. Various prizes are also given out, and detailed in the flyer below.


The cups include special Revenge of the Sith images and a game piece. Word has it there at at least four different King sized drinking cups at Burger King, although I've only seen two myself. These are plastic and the bottoms are made to fit into your car's cup holders.

Plus, there are cups in other sized cups as well, each with different Star Wars graphics and game pieces.

Coffee Mugs:
For the coffee drinker, there are also styrofoam mugs available, complete with Star Wars images and game pieces.

French Fries Boxes:
There are three different boxes for french fries, all in different colors and all contain a game piece. There are differences on the back of the boxes, outlining the prizes in the contest, although the character graphics are the same.

Hash Browns Bags:
Breakfast fans aren't left out seen with these small bags for hash browns.

*: Dutch Apple Pie Boxes:
Customers who want a tasty dessert after their meals will find their snack in this game piece, however.

No game pieces on the bag, but there is information on how you can get three game pieces through the mail, as well as advice on how to play: Triple your chances to win with a KING size value meal!

*: The white bags are for Kid's Meals and they feature illustrations of the toys.

Burger King Adventures:
There's also a new issue of Burger King Adventures, which is an activity book for children to play with. inside you'll find fun games to play (although it should be noted that a Clone Trooper is NOT a droid!), directions to make your own lightsaber, lightsaber training, and a checklist for the toys in the Super-D Star Wars Collection.

Tray Liners:
Finally, kids of all ages can have some fun with the new Star Wars tray liners. complete with all the details on the Choose Your Destiny game, but there's also some activities and games on the back!

*: Crowns:
Finally, there are four different crowns with Star Wars characters on them, which will make the wearer feel like royalty. Look for two designs with a red background and two with a blue background.

Special thanks to the team at store #4497 for their help in acquiring these items and for answering my many questions.
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