Posted by Jay on July 21, 2006 at 01:35 PM CST

Having grown from comic hopefuls in the mid-1980s with Dark Horse Presents to being the third largest comic company table in the San Diego hall in twenty years, this company prides itself on creator and character driven stories.

Featured in the panel is Chris Warner, Jeremy Barlow, Eric Powell (The Goon), and Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo) are speaking about their comic creations, including The Goon Anthology, called Goon Noir, and the Usagi 100th issue due this December.

Mike Richardson confirmed that Joss Whedon is writing new issues of the Buffy and possibly Serenity comics, but was unable to comment further.

They have plans for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, which are "really great" says Mike Richardson, jokingly. But they couldn't elaborate. They have confirmed that Tales of the Jedi will be the next title in the Star Wars Omnibus line.

Randy Stradley then reiterated the information that most of you have probably heard about the newest series Dark Times which starts in October, with artist Doug Wheatley. It happens in the post Revenge of the Sith timeline and, as the title suggests, will feature the dark times of the Republic with the Jedi on the run.

They have some plans to create a Tarzan archive book, and a new series, which will tie into a new Tarzan movie! The Dark Horse Legends line will probably never re-emerge, but there is hope for a Monkeyman and O'Brien series, as creator Arthur Adams still speaks of it. There will be a Grendel trade paperback in early 2007, reprinting the first three issues of Grendel (from 25 years ago) with a new cover by Matt Wagner, along with some other Grendel goodies, promises editor Diana Schutz.

When asked about distributing Digital Comics thru the web, they're not sure where it will go as the technology will not provide a pleasing alternative to physically holding the book. However, some out-of-print back issues are being looked at by the Dark Horse web department as to the best way to place online in some fashion.

To end the session, a stormtrooper approached the stage and handed Mike Richardson an envelope. Inside was a thank you note from none other than George Lucas, thanking Dark Horse for 15 years of great Star Wars comics. He was then escorted off the stage by some rebel troopers...

"You stay classy San Diego" - Mike Richardson, July 21, 2006

For those that wan to see some upcoming art for Legacy, Knights of the Old Republic, or Dark Times, please visit the Dark Horse Community Boards.