Posted by Grahame on January 8, 2007 at 07:41 PM CST
Nikko Home Electronics is offering a new approach to home electronics by putting the joy and heart back into technology driven products. Here's a look at their first two product offerings, sure to make all fanboys reading drool with envy.

R2-D2 M.E.S. ( Mobile Entertainment System )
Features include a built-in DVD/CD player, stereo speakers, integrated iPod dock, eleven R2-D2 sound effects and a full-function remote control built into a Millennium Falcon! The suggested retail price for this item will be close to $2500.00.

R2-D2 C.S. ( Communication System )
Also coming soon from Nikko is an R2-D2 Skype phone/motorized webcam. It features a replica of Anakin's Lightsaber from ROTS that contains the controls for the R2 and the Skype phone, a wireless webcam and a web interface to view the camera image and control R2. The suggested retail price for this item will be approx. $349.

For more information check out Nikko's R2-D2 Website.

*UPDATE: Check out this video clip of the little droid in action!