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At Jabba's Hutt, the Event Merchandise store for Disney's Star Wars Weekends, everyone gets a preview of Star Wars items (with a Disney spin) that will be coming out later this year. All of the items were announced at Disney's presentation at Celebration V, but seeing some items actually made is a great treat.

The main item that all Muppet and Star Wars fans will be glad to see is the set of Star Wars Muppet action figures. The set includes Kermit (Luke), Miss Piggy (Leia) , Fozie (Chewbacca), Link (Han), Gonzo (Vader), Sam the Eagle (Obi-Wan), Bunsen Honeydew (R2-D2), Beaker (C-3PO), and Camilla (Stormtrooper).

The next series of Disney Star Wars Collector Pack figures were also available to see. This set of mini-figures includes several fan favorite characters from both Star Wars and Disney, but a few new additions from Star Tours 3-D will also be included.

Even though there were no actual models to see of them, it was nice to be reminded of the next series of Star Wars inspired Disney's Racers. Which will be an extra special series since it's the Dave Filoni Signature Series featuring Cad Bane, Bossk, Aurra Sing, and Ahsoka Tano.

Keeping the Disney action figure line going will be the next wave that includes Stitch (General Grievous), Goofy (Cad Bane), Daisy (Aurra Sing), Donald (Commander Cody), and Huey, Louie, & Dewey (Jawas).

There was even a mock-up of what the Starspeeder 1000 vehicle (from Star Tours 3-D) packaging will look like. This will be a fun ship to own because it is at the appropriate scale for 3 1/2 inch figures. Nothing like taking some of the figures in your collection on a Star Tours adventure of their own.

We know there will be plenty to look out for this fall up and down the toy aisles of our favorite stores (thanks to the great coverage from the Rebelscum team and fellow fans). It looks like there will be plenty to look for if you visit a Disney park this fall as well. Let the hunting start in just a few months.

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