Posted by D. Martin on March 8, 2018 at 11:38 PM CST
As you may know, Facebook wants to make money any way it can. To do this they've created algorithms that prevent our posts from reaching all the fellow collectors that like our Facebook page. We get it, but in every case outside of this one, we can't get behind the concept of paying more than we already do to share news and image galleries to the community.

Our interest in seeing Hasbro's HasLab project succeed is greater than that though, and when we received the Orion's email we couldn't think of a reason not to see if it makes a difference.

Hello Dave,
I'm reaching out to you because I see that you're the Rebelscum staffer who has posted most (or all?) news about the Sail Barge crowdfunding campaign.

As I'm sure you know, the possibility of finally getting a toy like this is generating a lot of excitement and discussion in the forums. One topic of discussion is whether or not there might be a significant number of 'lost' collectors out there who would gladly back the Barge, but - due to declining interest in Hasbro's offerings over the past few years - have disconnected from the hobby and thus have no knowledge of the campaign.

Quite a number of collectors, myself included, believe this to be true, and with this in mind, I asked if any Sail Barge supporters would be willing to chip in ~$5 - $10 to help Rebelscum boost a facebook post to see if we could reach some of these 'lost' Star Wars collectors with the Sail Barge campaign. You guys have over 191,000 followers - more than the facebook follower counts of all the other Star Wars collecting sites combined (not to mention Hasbro and Hasbro Pulse) - though as you likely know, facebook has tweaked their algorithms to effectively put a paywall between fan sites and their fans so that a high follower count no longer equals optimal visibility for page posts.

My suggestion, to bring willing collectors together to fund an ad for the benefit of increasing awareness of the Sail Barge campaign, raised some very valid opposing viewpoints, but there were also a number of forum members who expressed interest in supporting the idea. With the encouragement of their support, I figured I may as well present the idea to you.

So, would you guys be up for taking fan donations, likely amounting to no more than $50 total, to see if a boosted facebook post would positively impact the Sail Barge campaign? If you've never run a facebook ad campaign before, I'd be happy to help. Simply targeting the ad to people who are already fans of your page and who either live in the U.S. or Canada would quickly indicate the effectiveness of the strategy. If you guys would like to give this idea a try, please let me know and we can talk about the best way to put it into effect.

With highest hopes for a Sail Barge,

We've purchased a $50 boost to a post on our Facebook page that targets likes from California. This is only a 24 hour push, so it may not do much, but we don't know if we don't try, right?

The big question is what comes next? Easiest answer is you get behind it. The more people that like a post on Facebook furthers its reach. Comments on the post and shares take it even further. Together we can light this thing up and make it explode! Let's prove once and for all what we can do as a community!

Go to our Facebook page and let it be known that We Are All Rebel Scum!!!!

Find the post. Like the post. Share the post. Comment on the post.

If nothing else, order The Vintage Collection Jabba's Sail Barge!

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