Posted by Curto on August 8, 2008 at 10:00 AM CST
For your viewing pleasure, we've got some new photos of the latest and upcoming sets of Expanded Universe Comic Packs!

The popular series continues in 2008 with several much-demanded pair-ups and some really obscure characters, sure to please fans from across the saga!

This line-up (shown below) includes:
  • 1 Tol Skorr & Asajj Ventress (from Star Wars: Republic #69)
  • 2 Durge & Anakin Skywalker (from Star Wars: Obsession #3)
  • 2 Darth Talon & Cade Skywalker (from Star Wars: Legacy #2)
  • 3 Anakin Skywalker & Assassin Droid (from Star Wars: Repuiblic #57) - REPACK!
  • 5 Anatares Draco & Ganner Krieg (from Star Wars: Legacy #6)
  • 6 Fenn Shysa & Dengar (from Star Wars #68)
  • 7 Tobbi Dala & Princess Leia (from Star Wars #69)
  • 8 Princess Leia & Prince Xizor (from Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire #5)
  • 9 Grand Admiral thrawn & Talon Karrde (from Star Wars: Heir to the Empire #1)
  • 10 Darth Vader & Admiral Trachta (from Star Wars: Empire #1)
  • 11 Darth Vader & Princess Leia (from Star Wars: Infinities - Return of the Jedi #4)

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    With the new Blu-Ray boxed set and individual Steelbooks announcement, we've sent our ever-inquizitive Probe Droid out to find out whether you are interested in the new offerings.
    I'm a fan of Steelbooks, so I'm getting all six
    I'm in for all three original trilogy Steelbooks
    I'll get all three prequel trilogy Steelbooks
    I'm getting all six Steel Books and the boxed set
    I'll pick up the boxed set
    I have the last Blu-Ray release and have no intention on spending another penny on content I already own
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