Posted by Curto on August 9, 2008 at 10:00 AM CST
For your viewing pleasure, we've got some new photos of the latest and upcoming toys from Hasbro's The Legacy Collection line!

For months now, fans of the classic action figure line stylings have been teased with nothing but rumors and wishlists, with all the attention on that OTHER Star Wars toy line that on shelves now...but where's the love for the realistic styled toys? Not to worry, there's plenty on tap for us old school fanboys, with offerings from the Oriingal Trilogy, the Prequel Trilogy, and the Expanded Universe.

While there are many still floating around out there, a lot of those juicy rumors have proven true and the line-up for 2008 includes many of the main characters right alongside some very interesting background character choices, and some really surprising EU characters!

Action Figures
The bread and butter of Hasbro any self-respecting action figure collector, the basic figure line is back with a vengeance! It may have seemed like there were many delays in figure production this year, but that is not the case at all...Star Wars has been running strong all year long waiting for just this moment.

The basic figure line-up includes:
  • BD 1 Han Solo
  • BD 2 Luke Skywalker
  • BD 3 Chewbacca
  • BD 4 Leektar & Nippet
  • BD 5 Ak-Rev
  • BD 6 Yarna d'al' Gargan
  • BD 7 Bane Malar
  • BD 8 Darth Vader
  • BD 9 Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • BD 10 Clone Scuba Trooper
  • BD 11 Saesee Tiin
  • BD 12 Padm? Amidala
  • BD 13 IG Lancer Droid
  • BD 14 Mon Calamari Warrior
  • BD 15 Quarren Soldier
  • BD 16 Clone Trooper (Heavy Gunner)
  • BD 17 Clone Trooper (Coruscant Landing Platform)
  • BD 18 Jodo Kast
  • BD 19 Yaddle & Even Piell
  • BD 20 Saleucami Trooper
  • BD 21 Count Dooku (Holographic Transmission)
  • BD 22 Imperial Engineer (Star Wars: Battlefront II)
  • BD 23 Stass Allie
  • BD 24 Commander Faie
  • BD 25 General Grievous
  • BD 26 Bail Organa
  • BD 27 Breha Organa
  • BD 28 FX-6
  • BD 29 Clone Trooper (327th Star Corps)

    Saga Legends Figures
    The figure line that got its start right here on Rebelscumk continues in 2008 with....well, pretty much the same figures repackaged again. So if you're an army builder who didn't get enough clones last year, you have another shot at them again. This line is meant for kids and new collectors, but as an added bonus, each figure comes with a special "foot locker" containing extra weapons. Thankfully, one of them is a DC-15 Blaster Rifle...the actual weapon the AOTC clones carried!

    The line-up for the TLC Saga Legends includes:
  • SL 1 R2-D2
  • SL 2 Yoda & Kybuck
  • SL 3 Darth Vader (Anakin)
  • SL 4 Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • SL 5 Clone Trooper (AOTS)
  • SL 6 C-3PO
  • SL 7 General Grievous
  • SL 8 Mace Windu
  • SL 9 Plo Koon
  • SL 10 Super Battle Droid
  • SL 11 Destroyer Droid
  • SL 12 Clone Trooper Officer (Blue, Green, Red, & Yellow)
  • SL 13 Darth Vader
  • SL 14 Darth Maul
  • SL 15 Jango Fett
  • SL 16 501st Legion Trooper
  • SL 17 Shock Trooper
  • SL 18 BARC Trooper
  • SL 19 ARC Trooper
  • SL 20 Battle Droids (tan & maroon)

    "Greatest Hits" Figures
    This series is a little confusing...all of the figures are repacks, and they contain extra Droid Factory pieces that are already available with other figures. They are packed in with the initial waves to fill in the gaps in certain case assortments, and they are popular figures from early 2008, along with army builders.

    This wave includes:
  • GH 1 Commander Gree
  • GH 2 Kashyyyk Trooper
  • GH 3 Darth Vader (Battle Damaged)
  • GH 4 Imperial EVO Trooper

    Battle Packs
    The successor to the old Cinema Scenes continue, with representations from different scenes from the movies, and even one that was "just offscreen".

    Of particular interest to Rebelscum readers is the "Shield Generator Assault" set, which includes Lt. Renz, the character who uttered the line "You Rebel Scum" in Return of the Jedi. This set was originally planned to include a 5th figure (another Imperial Officer whose name escapes me at the moment), but he was pulled out due to costs. This is something we'll see more of in the future: Battle Packs will only include 4 figures instead of 5.

    The line-up for 2008 includes:
  • Hoth Recon Patrol
  • Hoth Speeder Bike Patrol
  • Shield Generator Assault

    The popular 3-pack of articulated figures continue with in 2008 with some old favorites and a whole lot of pilots! Some are familiar faces we've seen before, but others are all new and from a wide variety of sources.

    The line-up includes:
  • The Fett Legacy (repack, with variations on Boba Fett)
  • Imperial Pilot Legacy
  • The Padm? Amidala Legacy
  • Rebel Pilots Legacy 1
  • Rebel Pilots Legacy 2
  • The Sith Legacy (repack)

    There's not a whole lot of vehicles coming that are not from the Clone Wars era (aside from some exclusives and that BMF ship you probably heard a little bit about), but back once again is a popular starship from everyone's favorite Sith Lord:
  • Darth Vader's TIE Advanced x1 Starfighter

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