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The Krypton Spyder III laser I received is just over 10? long and just over 1-1/4? around, machined from solid aircraft aluminum, and hard anodized in black. With the included lithium ion battery installed, it?s quite hefty weighing in just over 1lb. It has a green laser with an incredible 500mW of power. It also came complete with a tactical holster for the laser.

Krypton vs Vader FX Saber

The laser itself arrived a few days before the separate Saber attachment, so I got used to it as a laser pointer on steroids. While a typical laser pointer might be 5mW in power or less, this one at 500mW is a stunning 100x more powerful. So powerful, it came supplied with laser sunglasses called LaserShades they advise you always wear when using the laser. There?s also a nice case for the Shades.

The laser has a SmartSwitch that requires the user to essentially unlock the laser to turn it on by having you go through a six-step button-pressing process. Initially, I thought this was over-kill, but the moment you get it on and see how powerful it is, you realize it?s not at all. Having somebody that?s not aware of the danger of uninformed and safe use of it might really be bad. Needless to say, it comes with numerous direct warnings about not pointing it at people, and you wouldn?t want to point even a low power pointer at a plane, much less something this powerful.

The smart switch also controls the nine operating modes, including strobe, constant on, SOS and beacon, all of which operate in high or low power. There?s also a tactical mode that allows you to turn it off in any mode, and have it come back on to that mode with a single press of the smart switch. Additionally, there is a mechanical safety interlock insert that allows you to disable the laser completely.

How powerful is it? Using the high power constant-on setting, I lit a kitchen match, burned electrical tape in half, and poked holes in a black trash bag today. On the Wicked Laser site, they have numerous YouTube videos linked showing all kinds of Wicked Laser activity. Balloon popping, popcorn popping, match lighting, tape burning, and much more.

So, how about combining a laser with a saber blade? The optional blade is a 32? long polycarbonate tube that replaces the tip of the laser with a nice fitting fine-threaded end.
Inside the tube is a metal sphere in a short plastic tube that rests in the laser end of the blade at rest but with gravity moves to the tip of the tube, which gives the appearance of the saber igniting. Once at the tip, there is a magnet that holds the sphere until you release it with a slight bump to the laser base sufficient to cause it to release, when it then goes back to the resting position and appears to power down.

The light is nicely diffused inside the 1/8? thick wall polycarbonate, and is very bright even in direct sunlight, easily the brightest blade I?ve ever seen. The diffusion is somewhat blotchy, not in a bad way, but more like a pulsating energy beam.

Krypton vs Vader FX (both lit)

As a set, the LaserSaber is a super bright Lightsaber-like replica that provides an awesome replica of a working Lightsaber. While I didn?t have two of them to test with, I would worry about the diffuser coming loose, causing it to appear to power down, though the Wicked Laser site video of the Saber does show two stunt guys in a battle. There isn?t a supplied D-ring or Covertec Clip on the laser, so you can?t wear it like a regular saber, though it does look like it wouldn?t be too much trouble for a clip to be added by Wicked Lasers, or a handy owner.

The pieces come with a 12 month warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee. The unit tested was a Krypton 500mw Spyder III ($649.95) with Saber adapter. ($99.95). The Krypton lasers start at 100mW for $249.95. The Artic laser has a blue beam and is available in 1W and 1.25W power for $299.95and $399.95 respectively. It is also compatible with the Saber adapter. The only issue I had with the sample I received was part of the black finish came off the SmartSwitch button.

As powerful as this 500mW version is, I can?t imagine one more than 2x the power!
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