Posted by Jeremy on May 8, 2020 at 07:44 PM CST
A long time ago in a marketing campaign far, far away brand leaders combined the fluffy appeal of Wonderbread with the galactic popularity of Star Wars in promotional campaign that still has heads shaking in wonderment.

Holding the dubious honour of having nothing to do with the Topps, the company who held (and still holds) the Star Wars trading card license in 1977, this series of cards came in specially marked bags of Wonderbread.

Packed loose and one per loaf, young Star Wars fans stood little chance getting a complete collection of these - and those that were retrieved suffered from bleaching and considerable edge wear. Later that year Wonderbread ran a mail-in offer for a full set of the cards that had never seen a loaf of their bread, and these still account for the majority of cards in complete collections.

Those looking to enjoy a set of these food premiums typically turn to eBay, where they can be purchased for around $30.

The original series of cards, which only numbered 16 in total, was never extended and those looking for a hit of nostalgia can now look to CNCPT who have produced their own set of Wonderbread inspired cards.

This new (and unofficial) series stays true to form and replicates the original's look and feel - but this time they have perfect corners, black borders and no bread stains!
"We have painstakingly recreated the original Wonder Bread trading cards that were inserted into loaves of Wonder Bread. Each card has been restored using the best source photography used for the originals."
This third set expands upon the original 16 cards run and includes cards such as Greedo, Wedge Antilles, Admiral Motti, the Death Star and more. As an added bonus they come wrapped in wax paper that replicates the look and feel of Wonderbread's original packaging.

Grab this third series of cards - priced $20 plus a $2 handling fee - before they get eaten up.

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