Posted by D_Martin on October 15, 2012 at 03:18 AM CST
You talk Star Wars with me for any length of time you know that I've got it all worked out. That doesn't amount to a hill of beans however, since many other Star Wars fans also have it all worked out. Interestingly enough, we've all go it worked out completely differently. That's a pretty important fact since the different ways we see the 'Wars allows us so many topics of debate that most of us get along just fine even if we've only just met.

Personally, I look at all six films as one large story and think in most ways they connect very well. That said, since I work in film, I haven't yet drank enough Kool-Aid to think that every subtle aspect of the films' continuity was meticulously designed by George Lucas himself. Filmmakers surround themselves with skilled designers and technicians that help mould the picture into what you see, and when it comes to a multi-generational saga such as Star Wars many of the defining moments that resound with the most insightful fans may have been conceived by one of the other people working on the film, and the reason behind the design decisions may not have even come up in pre-production meetings (though most of them have).

Bottom line is, a feature film, much like a child, is raised by the village it is a part of, and what is written in a first draft is not the most strictly followed of guides. (look no further that some of the best interactions between Anakin and Obi-Wan in Attack Of The Clones to see what I mean. If the bad wig and horrible fake beard are any indication, much of what I personally love about the film came after principal photography.) ((and don't get me started on my theories on the evolution of Vader's Armour over the four films we see him choking people and being grumpy. It makes perfect sense but it will make it extremely difficult for you to dislike the Revenge Of The Sith armour.))

Like any like-minded Star Wars fans these notions are constantly springing up and conversations with other Star Wars fans certainly add to it. The most recent of such conversations dealt with droids and my sudden awareness that the droids on the first Death Star were multi-coloured while all the droids on the second full armed and operational battle station were black with silver details. A rational mind that knows how movie making goes knows that from film to film there is always room for design improvements, and one can easily argue that Imperial droids should be black, even if the ones used in 1976 were anything but.

How do you rationalize that in the story's evolution? That's a bit trickier, or at least it would be if not for the fact that just before the first Death Star was destroyed there were a couple of droids walking around getting past security points with stories of short circuits and maintenance... Both of which were a part of the Alliance and were not only hanging out with both of Darth Vader's rebellious children, but one of them was carrying readouts that showed the ultimate weapon's weakness, which was of course exploited.

What I'm getting at, there was a massive security breach and it could have been easily contained if all the droids walking around Imperial facilities shared a uniform paint scheme...

That said, lets look at a bunch of droids!
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