Posted by D. Martin on June 2, 2012 at 04:33 PM CST
Let it be said that the auction linked below is not worth even a quarter of the Buy-It-Now price, so put away your itchy BIN figure before clicking through. What we love about the "STAR WARS MEGA LOT VINTAGE RARE ONE OF A KIND PIECES ORIGINALS!!" auction is how the collection encapsulates 1977-2000 Star Wars collectibles, but without any truly distinguishable focus, which is interesting in its own right. There isn't much of a description either, but in a stroke of genius, the seller added a funny YouTube link that acts like a tour of sorts. Follow the above link to check it out and make sure to watch the entire video to fully appreciate this unique spectacle. Totally Ridiculous, you ask? No. Just an auction unto itself.
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