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Darth Vader Helmet
Episode IV: A New Hope
"I find your lack of faith disturbing!"- Darth Vader

Luke Skywalker may have had no patience before his Jedi training, but all of you sure do! And itís paid off! We are thrilled to (finally) announce one of our most anticipated products: Darth Vaderís original helmet as first seen in Episode IV: A New Hope! This replica was cast from the vintage molds in the Lucasfilm archives, which are believed to be Rick Bakerís original molds from 1977. Lucasfilm allowed us to make a direct casting from these molds for our master pattern Ė this is NOT a digital scan! And this is what makes this a truly exciting collectible: a direct lineage to the original helmet, and thus be as true to the original filming prop possible!

There will be 2 different versions of the Darth Vader Helmet replica to choose from:

Limited Edition
This version will possess all of the qualities of the original prop seen on-screen such as the correct, asymmetric geometry, accurate lenses, metal tusks and metal mouthpiece/chin grills. This version will be a little more 'idealized' for a slightly more pristine look. The face mask's two-toned black and gunmetal paint pattern will be sprayed on for a more even coating and the dents and scratches found on the original helmet will be filled-in or removed. As usual, the edition size will be determined by the pre-order, but limited to 1000 pieces worldwide.

Legend Edition SOLD OUT
This version will replicate the helmet as it appeared on screen! Perfect for the Star Wars purist (you know who you are). It will have all of the qualities of the Limited Edition, but the face mask's two-toned black and gunmetal paint pattern will have the film-accurate brush-painted look and will have some of the more identifiable dents and scratches found on the original helmet. The edition size will be limited to only 250 pieces worldwide, thus making this one of our rarest collectibles.

Mark your calendars and set your alarm clocks to pre-order this essential piece of history for every Star Wars collection. Your collection will not be 'complete' without it!

The Legend Edition will be available for pre-order starting Wednesday, April 20 at 9AM PST. This version is EXCLUSIVE to our website. There is a $350 Non-Refundable deposit required when you place your pre-order.

The Limited Edition will be available for pre-order on Friday, April 22 at 9AM PST. This version will be available through our website and all of our authorized retailers and distributors. There is a $300 Non-Refundable deposit required at the time you place your pre-order.

*Plus S/H and applicable CA Sales Tax. For our international customers, you will be responsible for all duties and taxes levied by your country.
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