Posted by Jeremy on July 3, 2019 at 04:44 PM CST
Originally published in 2011 and updated in 2015, the LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia is a great way to enjoy your minifigures from a galaxy far, far away without the risk of dropping it down the back of the sofa.

And now DK is updating this title with a new edition that will include all the latest Star Wars character minifigures - including ones from The Rise of Skywalker!
DK's LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: New Edition is updated to include all the latest and new LEGO Star Wars minifigures! Meet amazing minifigures from all the Star Wars movies- including new minifigures from Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker.

Discover incredible LEGO Star Wars facts, such as which minifigure is the rarest and which can be found in the most LEGO sets. This new updated edition contains more than 200 best-loved minifigures, including Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, Chewbacca, Rey, Kylo Ren, and BB-8.
And like the previous two editions, this book will also come with an exclusive LEGO Star Wars minifigure. The expected price of this 224 page volume is 20 (approximately US$23) and has a publication date of April 2nd, 2020.

If keeping track of your minifigure collection is something you need help with then try the LSW Collector app for iPhone and iPad, by Rebelscum reader Kevin Downard, for $4.99.

How would you feel about Gentle Giant Ltd. producing a Dark Trooper Mini Bust from the 1995 Star Wars: Dark Forces video game? It could be a single Dark Trooper or perhaps a 3-pack showcasing the various Phases of production.
Shut up and take my money!
I'm a completist, so I'm in regardless.
I could be convinced to purchase this if it wasn't too difficult to obtain.
Never played the game and don't know anything about the character, so not a likely purchase for me.
No interest.
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