Posted by Jeremy on February 22, 2019 at 06:54 PM CST
Even though LEGO has realised that there is a dedicated minifig collectors market - going so far as to produce two minifigure display frames for their Ninjago and Batman themes - there hasn't ever been anything that suits the LEGO Star Wars community.

Step forward Strickly Bricks, a US-based family run company whose mission is to encourage STEM-based creative play and to encourage children to enjoy a certain brand of construction toy by developing innovative brick construction toys.

Rebelscum reader George Smyff recently received one of the company's Circle Brik Tower sets and has provided a review.

"I was recently sent the above LEGO compatible tower set. It seemed like it would be a good way to store and display my growing army of LEGO Star Wars minifigs. The package was nice, not bland, not garish, and included 4 circular plates and 30 support pieces."

While the company that plays well values high quality control of the materials they use, our reviewer noticed three minor details that indicate Strictkly Brik isn't able provide the same standard of oversight as LEGO. Chiefly there was a slight warping to the injected plastic, the studs were slightly oversized and the colour match wasn't perfect.

As a committed LEGO Star Wars collector, George took the review seriously and thought to load test the stand. Adding weights to the display he found that the four level product could easily take 25 lbs (approximately 12 kg) of weight, which equates to 4000 minfigs. George says the stand could comfortably fit 200 minifigs on one of the Strictly Briks four-tier offerings, meaning the tower would be 80 levels - or 50 ft (15 m) tall - before there was any risk of collapse.

Of course you'd only need 22 layers (which is six Circle Brik Tower packs) to display all 1077 minifigs that are currently available in the LEGO Star Wars theme. At $19.99 each, it's a pretty cheap solution.

Crush risk aside there is always the dreaded wobble, but our tester assured us the plastic, though slightly thinner than a particular Danish brand's, had a firm grip - or clutch - of the minfig's feet and declared that "the stand is secure and stable, and there is very little risk of knocking it down."

Strictly Bricks' Circle Brik Tower is available through their wesbite and, in two shades of grey and a variety of primary colours, now. And if round isn't your taste there is a square option too.

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