Posted by Jeremy on June 3, 2018 at 08:41 PM CST
With LEGO Star Wars Days taking place at LEGOLAND California and Solo: A Star Wars Story still in theatres there is a lot of attention focussed on the park right now.

You'd think offering the 40288 BB-8 polybag would be enough to keep fans excited wouldn't you? But no, because LEGO have upped the ante (to stay in keeping with the Solo trope) and have spiced the pot by adding a few exclusives to attendee's shopping experiences.
Local denizen Ace Kim reports via From Bricks To Bothans that the Original Trilogy miniscale characters - initially reported as available at LEGOLAND Florida - are being released through the Carlsbad park:
"These were free for every $25 dollars in LEGO Star Wars purchases at the Big Shop at LEGOLAND California this weekend during Star Wars Days. So, say you buy a UCS Y-Wing, you can get the whole gang for free. The printed pamphlet said one free for $50 and one per transaction but they the price point was lower and were pretty generous at the register."
And in an attempt to really get one upon LEGOLAND Florida, they are also offering the polybagged mini 30381 TIE Fighter. Regular readers will remember that this was first revealed as a Walmart promotional set, but hasn't been made available yet.

Lucky park-goers will be able to purchase these at The Big Shop and Empire Emporium (while supplies last)for $4.99. Further thanks to From Bricks To Bothans who shared the news and their photos with us.

You might have missed last weekend's opportunity but don't worry thought because you aren't too late to attend LEGO Star Wars Days on June 9th to 10th. Check out for ticketing information so you don't miss out!
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