Posted by Jeremy on January 5, 2017 at 06:11 AM CST
Because one new astromech in a plastic bag wasn't enough, here is another to add to your collection. Brick Depot, a chain of LEGO Certified Stores in Romania, is offering this specially packaged version of a unique droid created by Disney for their Rogue One Droid Factory set, free with a €24 purchase of LEGO Star Wars sets in one of their three stores in this European country. Given that the minifig comes with a base with a Technic pin which could be used to connect other droids, it is Rebelscum's summation that matching droids from the Droid Factory set are likely. Note that the dome element seems to be segmented which has lead some to conclude that the top of the minifig can be rotated. It has also been noticed that the edge of the base is curved as if it is the end piece in a set. Snaps to Graham at Brick Fanatics for the share. You can enjoy discussing this new minifig set in the dedicated 40268 R3-M2 thread in the LEGO section of our forums.
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